Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Computer Woes

Noooooooo!!!! Is this some sick April Fools' Day joke being played on me by the universe??

Our monitor is dead. Black. Nada. This entry is being posted by my scribe from a remote location. We're all running amok around here.

If you're reading this then your computer is important to you, too. Every now and then it's good to shake up our world to realize how dependent we've become on technology.

The computer is one of our primary means of staying connected to family and friends (through email, Facebook, chat rooms, and yes, blog posts). It's an important resource for education and research. Almost all of our bills are set up electronically (trying to go a little green and reduce the paper clutter). It's a major source of entertainment through games, video and music downloads, and just general surfing.

So you can imagine the panic that ensued when everything except the monitor was working this morning. We just love seeing Linda crawl around on the floor checking cables and electrical outlets when she's trying to get ready for work.

Today's entry was supposed to be an In Focus....a book or pattern. Instead I'm hoping for some commiseration from the rest of you on how you've coped during a computer malfunction, or at least how tied you are to your desktop buddy.

Tonight I envision every cord being unplugged and replugged trying to get some juice going to the monitor. I'm sure that the kittens will be helpful as they tangle the wires and climb all over a frustrated human. There might even be some bad words spoken.

Wish us luck!


CatQuilter said...


You all-knowing, wisest cat in the universe, I need some advice. I've stopped using my litter box. Mom's rubbed my nose in my, ahem, mistakes on the carpet and smacked my behind. What should my mom do for me?
Sneaking away to hide somewhere,

Piwacket said...

Smudge, I'm sorry that you're having this problem and that your person doesn't know the proper thing to do.

There are a few reasons why we stop using our litter pans and we have to rely on our humans to help us. First off, are you under any stress? Has anything at all changed at home? Sometimes that's the way we respond to stress.

Have you been to the vet recently? A urinary infection can come on quickly and we associate the pain with the box.

Has your human put a different kind of litter in the box, brought a new box into the house, or not cleaned it recently?

Rubbing your nose in your mistakes will only increase your stress level and cause you to urinate in even more interesting places that she can't find quite so easily.

You also need to let your mom know to clean up your messes with an enzyme disinfectant so you won't go to those spots again.

Good luck, Smudge. I hope you start feeling better soon and get back to quilting.