Friday, April 17, 2009

Gotta Love the Children

Linda came home grinning from ear to ear from her 1/2 day substitute teaching assignment. She was the reading teacher for 1st and 2nd graders today and they always make her crack up (on the inside).

The kids know Linda as Mrs. S. (The students' names have been changed.)

The morning went like this:

Mrs. S.: We have a great story to read today about sea turtles. Have any of you ever seen a sea turtle?

Sam: I have. I even got to ride on one at the aquarium!
Lori: Me too. It was big. I got wet.

Lila: I saw a giraffe once but not in an aquarium.

Mrs. S.: Let's take turns reading our story. Whoever isn't reading should follow along.

Jonathan: My band-aid is falling off when I pull it up from my finger.

Mrs. S: Well, let's not pull it up from your finger then. Sean, you can start reading.

Sean: Can I go to the bathroom first?

Mark: Awww, I wanted to go to the bathroom.

Colin: I need a drink.

Lila: The giraffe was tall.

Jonathan (who has patiently been raising his hand): There's a bump on the side of my head and when I press it really hard like this, it hurts.

Mrs. S: Well, let's not press it like that then. (Finally, they're actually reading).

Marcia (whispering to Colin): Ewww, the turtle is pooping on page 14.

Colin: No it isn't.

Lila: That's nasty.

Mrs. S.: The rest of us are still reading aloud on page 8. And the turtle is laying its eggs. Let's get back to this page.

Lila: Still nasty.

Colin: What do you expect them to do to make new turtles? Just barf them out of their mouths fully grown?

Lila: No. That's nasty.

Jonathan: Sometimes my hair hurts.

Mark: That picture looks like Mars.

Mrs. S: It isn't Mars. It's the sun warming the salt water and sand.

Mark: I still think it looks like Mars since Mars is red and orange.

Colin: Pluto is blue.

Lila: Mickey Mouse has a friend named Pluto.

Jonathan: I popped my ankle once and couldn't walk for days.

Believe it or not, the story was read and understood and a packet was completed. Children are a joy!


Char said...

When I was principal and was frustrated or angry, I headed for the kindergarten class. They can brighten anyone's day if you just listen to them. I'm sure, as a sub, they want you to know all the stories their regular teacher is sick of hearing. And, oh, the adventures they think they have had!

•Tricia and Azieb• said...

Haha Remember when our 5th period was doing a packet on inferencing or something and it was about and old lady? So, you said that we should make up a name for her and Alex said LINDA!!hahaha... memories :)

Anonymous said...

I taught some 4-5 year olds once and asked "what do we trim the Christmas tree with?" After much thought, one of them said "shears". They are very funny. Thanks for visiting my blog.