Monday, August 31, 2009

Garbage Disposal Woes

Shortly before Momcat and ManServant left for Los Angeles, the garbage disposal stopped working. Not only wasn't it grinding, nothing at all happened when the switch was flipped. Momcat knew it wasn't the circuit breaker because her coffee maker is plugged into the same outlet. (You do not want Momcat to have problems with her caffeine me on this.)

Momcat took time to investigate a couple of days ago. She put her hand down into the drain and pulled up some of the stuff that wasn't getting chunked up. Then she poured boiling water and vinegar down the drain too. Water was slowly going down.

Then it occurred to her that the problem wasn't a clog, the problem was electrical. So she took everything out of the cupboard under the sink and this is what she saw.

This is what living in a house that's over 50 years old means. The original wiring, thanks to vibrations and general wear and tear, just gives. No, we didn't have any little critters gnawing on this. No droppings anywhere. Plus I don't think there are any kamikaze rodents nearby willing to brave the gauntlet of five cats and a dog.

The neighborhood electrician has been called and comes by tomorrow afternoon. This is a good excuse to clean out that cupboard!

Give Away Drawing Tonight

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to enter my birthday/anniversary giveaway. Leave a comment on the post showing off the Bearcats bag and you're in! The names will go into the container and my paw will draw the winner after midnight tonight.

Remember that if you mention the giveaway on your blog you get another chance, if you provide a link to my blog you get a third.

There will be another goody to win posted later this week.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Blogger is also having a contest!

Quilting and crafting bloggers are the best! Vidrian is having a giveaway of some terrific fabric. Take a look and good luck!

I'm Having a Giveaway!

In honor of my seventh birthday and seventh year with Momcat, I'm having seven giveaways!

That's right, over the next seven weeks I will have one drawing per week. You'll need to enter each time in order to win, but there's no reason you can't win all seven times!

The first giveaway item is pictured above. Since we live in Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats (get it, BearCATS??) we're giving away this cute Bearcats bag. It is 8-1/2" tall and has a flat bottom measuring 4" x 7". There's a little pocket on the front. In the interest of full disclosure, Momcat did not make this bag herself.

In addition to the bag, you'll get 1/2 yard of the Bearcats fabric.

For your chance to win:

  • Leave a comment here for one entry.
  • Post about the contest on your blog and leave another comment here for me as another entry.
  • Provide a link on your blog to mine for a 3rd entry (no need for a 3rd comment, I'll just check your blog for the link.)
My paw will pick the winner on Monday, August 31. Good luck!

Seven years and counting,

Twiddletails Giveaway

Anina at Twiddletails is having a giveaway contest for a very cool organizer. Her blog is worth the visit whether you win or not. Have fun!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loving Stitches

Before heading off to California, Momcat looked through her trusty Quilters' Travel Companion to see if there were any quilt shops nearby. This was not a trip for quilt shop hunting, but if one was close to the hotel, so be it.

Lo and behold! In Santa Clarita, approximately 10 minutes from where Momcat and Philip were staying, was a nice shop called Loving Stitches Quilt Shoppe. It's always fun to see what other shops look like, and to discover fabrics that our LQS doesn't carry. Philip was nice enough to tag along and even ask pertinent questions.

The ladies at the shop were really nice. If they discover that you're from out-of-state you get to pick a pin cushion from a basket they have.

Momcat picked the chick. If only it were real and I could, um, play with it for awhile. Peep!

On the back of the pincushion they have the shop's name stamped. Isn't this a simple, inexpensive way to promote goodwill for their shop? I love this idea.

Loving Stitches also has a doggy greeter named Lily. She is a precious Yorkshire Terrier with a darling disposition. At least that's what I've heard. I personally think a shop with a resident cat makes more sense. Humans!

Momcat found some fabrics and has project ideas to go with them. She doesn't buy anything any more unless she has a specific purpose in mind, and if it's something that is not carried at Best Friends Quilt Shoppe.

We're thinking the cake fabric and polka dots could make a pretty cute apron.

The arctic fabric and gorillas are going to make great pillowcases for Conkerr Cancer.

Momcat also scored a couple of patterns. I'm thinking these might have to be shared with Jill because their tastes are so similar.

Maggie's Home Too

While Momcat and man-servant Philip were gone, Maggie went to the bad place to stay. According to the reports I heard, she did great there and everyone loved her. Maggie is always happy and wagging her tail. Beans so easily fall for that stuff.

Anyway, she did seem glad to take her spot to nap on the sewing room floor.

And to spend a little time with her favorite guy.

Philip's Doctor Appointment

Speaking of my man-servant, Philip got home from the doctor a little while ago. His doctor doesn't think he has a staph infection (Yay!) but he isn't sure what he DOES have (boo!) So, another, stronger round of antibiotics and steroids has commenced. He's also supposed to take Benadryl at night so he can sleep through the itching. I thought of taking pictures of his arms with the Pi-Cam, but honestly it's just a bit too gross and invasive to do so. Take my word for it that it's a good thing his arms are covered up.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NLT

Last week the lawn mower died as the front yard was being cut. The yard now has grass about 24" high.

Philip is fighting some unknown creeping crud and he's medically uninsured.

Momcat's dealing with divorce preparations.

Momcat and Philip missed their connecting flight in Atlanta because the co-pilot on their Los Angeles flight was delayed.

Momcat sustained an injury on the plane. She was sitting on the aisle, looking through an I Spy book with Philip. An older gentleman was trying to lift his very heavy suitcase into the overhead bin. His luggage must have held anvils and multiple sets of encyclopedias. So he fell and the entire weight of the suitcase landed on Momcat's right shoulder. She cried. Paramedics were called. They took her off the plane. Wanted to take her to the ER for x-rays and an MRI. She said, "No, I'm going back home now." So the flight attendants kept giving her ice and free headphones. :-)

So why are we giving thanks today?

  • We have a lawn to care for. Momcat looks out at this yard and sees not only its current miserable state, but also all the times that two little boys had Nerf wars, or played touch football with their daddy, or dressed up as knights to run around and play make-believe.
  • We have access to excellent medical care when necessary, even if it does run up the credit card bill.
  • We have faith in a higher power, who loves us unconditionally even when the rest of the world seems to look the other way.
  • We're able to travel to see our family and rejoice in their successes.
  • Flight attendants are really kind!
  • The negative events in our lives are temporary, but the joyfulness of the holy spirit is eternal.
Thankful for your visit today,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travels are Done!

Momcat and Philip are home! They had an eventful week.

The day before they were scheduled to leave Philip went to the urgent care to see about a horrible rash that Benadryl and Cortaid weren't helping. They diagnosed him with a staph infection (YIKES!) and weren't happy that he was going to be traveling for the next five days. The three doctors that they called in said that he'd have to be in long sleeves and long pants for the entire time. He received Rx for steroids and antibiotics.

His system responded well, but the trips to do a lot of outside things such as going to the beach were canceled.

Just today, the creeping crud started back up with a vengeance so he sees the primary care physician tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Prayers please! Considering Philip just has two classes to finish up before graduation in December, we really don't want a health matter to alter his schedule, much less all the other things that occur as a result of staph.

Here's Darren and Philip in the hotel room (which was only about 2 minutes away from Darren and Nicole's beautiful apartment). Boy, does this bring back memories of two little boys with their heads together playing an electronic game!

And Philip knows exactly that's what Momcat is thinking!

They all walked from Darren and Nicole's apartment to one of their favorite restaurants, the Elephant Bar and Grill. Philip took this shot of Nicole, Darren and Momcat (Linda). Momcat's hair is certainly showing the aftermath of a warm walk!

Another restaurant patron was kind enough to take this group shot of Momcat with her beloved kids.

There was a quilt shop visit in the travels as well! More on that in tomorrow's post, plus an update on poor Philip's health.

Purring to have my family home,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Last (Whimper) Lesson With Bonnie Hunter

By Our Guest Blogger, Momcat (Linda)

After Bonnie taught us how to tackle Stars and Hearts in our Crumb Block series, she demonstrated how to make the letters L-O-V-E. Or for those of you who like rodents, V-O-L-E.

Once again, I needed some practice before I could master the angles needed. I learn by doing, and I know that after a few or fifty mistakes, my next effort will be just perfect!

On the other hand, take a look at my quilting peeps' efforts. Do I hang with some talented girlfriends or what?

Whenever you wanna ask, "where's the love?" just look at Jill and Becca's mobile design walls!

Cathy really found her niche in making the letters. I expect her to produce an alphabet book shortly. Here's her very first efforts at the L and O. Don't they look fab?

Other than the group shot of the Quilting Sisters of the Traveling Threads in the previous post, this is my very favorite shot of the weekend. Becca was working on the floor arranging some of her blocks when Bonnie plopped down next to her for a conference. I love these smiles. Can it really get better than doing something you love with people you love? I don't think so.

Here's all the blocks I created on Saturday. Just take a look at that pathetic star block in the top row. I did that on purpose, naturally, in honor of all those point-challenged stars out there who still manage to shine just as brightly as the pretty stars. (Yeah, right.) Don't bother looking for any alphabet blocks. I was having too much fun making the others.

Thanks for coming along on this trip with me. Now stay tuned while I have something to tell Piwacket. Ready????

Breaking the News

Momcat: Piwacket, come here, honey. I have something I have to tell you.

Pi: It's never good when you start that way.

Momcat: Well, it is good for me and Philip. And it will be good for you, too. Honest.

Pi: Oh, good heavens, woman. Just get on with it.

Momcat: Philip and I are going to the airport tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. and flying out to California.

Pi: WHAT!!!!!!!!! You just got home!

Momcat: I know, sweetie. You remember how I said that Darren and Nicole live in a place called Los Angeles? Well, Philip and I finally have a chance to visit them. And he is my son. I miss him and want to see where he and Niki live. And you know that since I am a substitute teacher I can only travel during school breaks.

Pi: This is just not right. First you don't bring home any smelly food for me, but Maggie gets some, and now you're leaving me again. And this time you're taking my man servant with you!

Momcat: Well, here's the good news for you. CatDaddy is going to come over a couple of times a day to take care of you and the other kitties. Maggie is going to stay at the animal care center while we're gone. You've missed CatDaddy. And even though he doesn't live here anymore, he still loves you very much.

Pi: I do like CatDaddy. I really don't have any choice in this, do I?

Momcat: It'll be okay. You'll see. And while I'm gone I won't have a computer. So you and I will have to catch up on all the news when I come home next week. In the meantime, let's have a great evening together.

Piwacket: I'll be sure to slip my paw into your hand and sleep on your pillow with you.

Momcat: You mean like every night?

Pi: Yeah, like that.

Mews and hugs,

Pi and Momcat

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a Giveaway!

Visit Sew Many Ways blog for a give-away opportunity. Since I never win anything for Momcat maybe you'll be the lucky one.

More from the Bonnie Hunter Weekend

More from our Guest Blogger, Momcat (Linda)....

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking. I took some of these and Jill graciously shared her pics as well.

Here's a few more from our Starstruck Workshop on Friday.


I was pretty pleased with my first block. I love how these are going together.

Did you know that Bonnie Hunter is a Flylady? I've been flying with the Flylady for about six years now. If you haven't discovered Flylady yet, now might be a good time. You can tackle anything in 15-minute increments.

Jill made a gorgeous Nickel Quilt called Lover's Lane and saved her scraps. Isn't her Starstruck block great?


Sharon, a very nice lady from the guild who was in the workshop, brought a show and tell. She made this wonky houses quilt from Bonnie's website directions. We all fell in love with it, and with Sharon!


The room got a little chilly which is why some pictures show me wearing a sweater. Bonnie threw on one of the men's shirts she's been collecting from the Goodwill. Does that make it wearable art?

Since I was using pink, brown and neutrals in my Starstruck quilt, Bonnie and the girls tried to convince me to use some fabric that was a ding-dong ditch on Bonnie's doorstep. Although it was red onions, we all agreed it looked just like breasts. We joked that it would be perfect in a Pink Ribbon quilt.

What do you think?

Saturday's Crumbs Workshop

Crumbs are those bits that you think you can't get anymore out of, but Bonnie taught us that you can. She will go as small as 3/4" (meaning you'd have a 1/4" seam on each side and a 1/4" of fabric to show in your block). She taught us that the more fabrics in the blocks the better, be sure to use at least one really light fabric "to let the light in" and one really bright Aha! piece.

As Bonnie sat down and had us gather for the tutorial, she explained that she likes to just rip fabric at the machine. Rip fabric! Here's my reaction to that.


One of the other lessons Bonnie gave us was to play. This is supposed to be brainless play time to let out the inner child. She reminded us of how much fun it was to get the brand new box of Crayola 64, and to see how all the colors got along perfectly well together.

For me, the most fun of this workshop was all the sharing of scraps that went on. We each took home a little bit of one another. All the crumb blocks are only 4 1/2".


Becca's first crumb block!




And mine!

Swimming Stars

Bonnie's next tutorial was on how to make Star Crumb blocks. Here's where you need to remember the Red Onion/Breast fabric from the day before.


As we were shopping at Quilts Plus after Friday's workshop, Jill called Becca over and showed her a fabric. I was in a different part of the store and didn't hear their conversation. Becca left their aisle laughing but disgusted (and Becca turns purple when she laughs). So Jill calls to me and says to Becca, "Well, let's see what Linda says."

Jill: What does this fabric look like to you?

Me: Sperm.

Jill: See, I told you!

Becca: Linda used a nicer word than you did.

Jill: Well, I said semen, but I meant sperm.

Naturally we decided to get 1/4 yard for Bonnie. We gave it to her Saturday morning and told her the story. Bonnie then showed the fabric off to the rest of the group saying it would make great curtains at the fertility clinic. Gotta love that sense of humor!

So we were delighted and giggling to find her using that fabric in the Crumb Stars tutorial. Yep, that's Bonnie's hand in the photo. Now I ask you, don't those look like little swimmers to you?


Hearts Aplenty

Our next lesson was on making Hearts Crumb blocks. I think I had more fun because I made my first one wrong.


A little seam ripping and re-piecing from the heart surgeon made it all better.


Here's Cathy's Star and Heart blocks on her mobile design wall. Aren't they cute? The blocks I mean.


Tomorrow will be the final post on the workshop. We'll cover Crumbs Letters.

Pi sends her love!


What do you mean there's nothing good on TV?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bonnie Hunter's Starstruck Workshop

This post is being written by our Guest Blogger, Momcat (Linda).

The guild seemed to thoroughly love Bonnie's talk and trunk show regarding the Scrap User's System. Here's the table overloaded with Bonnie's quilts. What a fun display!

After the meeting Cathy and I finally went to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott. I'm completely baffled by their slogans on the key cards. I asked Cathy, "Did we somehow find our way into the Swingin' Singles wing, or what?"

With the glare from the camera flash I'm not sure if you can clearly read what is written on the card. It says: The lock on your room is not meant to keep you there.

The key cards themselves are imprinted with: Wandering is encouraged.


After we checked in we went for a late night dinner at Perkins. Pancakes at 10 p.m. Yum! We each drifted right off to sleep that night, ready for the Starstruck Workshop in the morning.

When I walked into the classroom and set up I realized I was sitting across from a lady with this on her chair. I immediately developed retreat seat cushion envy.

She said a friend had made it for her, and was nice enough to display it for me. Isn't this cool?! I really must find a pattern (I can't make a pattern just from seeing something).

There are pockets everywhere, including under your bottom. And then look how it all just folds up. I wish I remembered the name of this nice lady in the picture who modeled her chair cover for me. If you're reading this blog, thanks so much for being a quilty friend. I love it!

Some of the ladies have made quilts using the free patterns that Bonnie provides on her web site. Here is a beautiful example and you can see Starstruck displayed on the wall in the background.

The Starstruck pattern is so easy to follow. Jennifer smartly noticed that it was very much like the pattern I used to make the shop sample Christmas Ribbons. It was wonderful to see how the same pattern was interpreted by all the people in the room. Some ladies went totally scrappy, others used just one or two colors. I chose to stick with Pinks, Browns and Neutrals.

Bonnie is an expert at finding new uses for small pieces. Once we sewed our strips together and cut them into 4 1/2" rectangles, we were advised to cut the leftover pieces of the strips into bits that we could use for four patches.

We were also told to make bonus triangles.

Here are some of my Starstruck blocks, bonus triangle units and 4-patch units. Aren't they cute?

Bonnie was a wonderful teacher. We all left excited with the possibilities and many of us were eager to come back the next day, to the Crumbs Workshop, to find out what Bonnie had in store for us then.

Naturally, we had to hit a local quilt shop after the workshop. There is a fantastic store called Quilts Plus. Jill and I both love Civil War fabrics and patterns. The quilt shop where we both work part-time doesn't carry those. We walked into heaven! We each decided to purchase this pattern and kit so that we could make "Small Things" together.

Here are my other shop purchases.

Going clockwise, that's the fabric bundle kit for "Small Things," the "Small Things" pattern, "All Around Town" pattern and a Quiltsmart Smart Bag pattern. It comes with interfacing templates to make two bags. All you need to do is lay the fat quarters down on the pre-printed interfacing and start sewing. According to the pattern, you can make each bag in about 1/2 hour. The samples on display at the shop were great.

Finally, Jennifer kindly invited us all to her house for a cook-out. Her husband, Mike, was great about cooking and entertaining all of us women. Jennifer's children, Jenna and Jack, were so sweet.

From left to right: Jill, Cathy, Becca, Jack and Jennifer. (I was taking the picture).

What a fabulous day! After dinner Cathy and I headed back to the hotel to rest up for the Crumbs Workshop. I introduced Cathy to "Psych," but she fell asleep before Sean and Gus exposed the murderer. I did, however, spot the pineapple.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Bonnie Hunter Girlfriend Bonding Weekend

Momcat got home this evening just after our dinnertime. Fortunately, our man servant, Philip, was able to feed us while Momcat was away. I don't understand "away." The only time I ever leave the house, I'm in a tiny little mobile prison that takes me to the bad smelly place where people in white coats stick me with sharp things and squeeze me too hard. I have been on the patio once or twice, but other than that, I'm content to stay in my cozy home.

So when Momcat goes away, it's hard for me to understand some of the things she tells me. I don't get why she needs other people in her life. I don't need other cats in mine, even though I'm stuck with four siblings.

Since Momcat was gone all weekend to a thing called a workshop, I think I should let her be my guest blogger over the next few days to fill you in.

Take it away, Momcat!

Momcat: Thank you, Pi. What a privilege to be able to post on your blog. I hope you know that even when I'm gone, I think of you. As well as Logan, Trouble, Butch, Sundance and Maggie.

Pi: I don't know why you felt the need to mention them. But do go on.

Momcat: The weekend was a dream come true from start to finish. I feel so nourished, creative, and filled with the spirit.

In the words of Brenda Hunter (no relation to Bonnie) in her book In the Company of Women,

"I have just come from a gathering of women. For three hours this morning the four of us sat in a local restaurant, sharing our needs, our concerns, our unanswered questions - - our hearts. Two of us cried after deep confessionals; all of us laughed...When it was time to go - - as other commitments called - - we ran outside into the spring rain, light-hearted as children out for recess."

I tend to view things through the lens of a spiritual journey. God speaks to me always, it's just that I can hear Him more clearly at one time versus another. This weekend I heard him so often that my cheeks hurt from smiling and my shoulders released some of the burdens I've been carrying.

Since Piwacket usually writes this blog, there are aspects of my life that Pi's readers don't know. Now is the time to share and get to know the lady behind the kitty.

In February of 2009 my husband moved out. Next week is our 30th anniversary. Truthfully, we've been trying for several years to resurrect our marriage in spite of life taking us in different directions. My husband is not a Christian. He is a good and loving man, and wonderful father to our two grown sons. As I've grown older the divide between my wanting to share my deep faith with my spouse and his more carnal needs have been a difficult challenge.

When we separated I was under the impression that there was still a possibility of reconciliation after some time apart and individual counseling. Whether that was a miscommunication on my husband's part or some denial of the facts on mine is no longer a claim worth mining. The fact is that for whatever reason, I still had hope.

About three weeks ago my husband asked for a divorce. I've since found out that he's been seeing someone since April. Although I love him and want him to be happy whether we're with each other or not, I certainly didn't want him to find that happiness quite so soon! I'm feeling like the smelly hamburger that's been sitting around in the fridge for too long, and finally someone decided to throw me away.

Enter my friends, my faith, Bonnie Hunter and a sense of humor.

At the age of almost 52, I'm discovering who I am without the labels of wife or mother (although I'll always be a loving mom to my two sons and my precious DIL, they are all adults and my role has changed accordingly.) What do I enjoy doing when I don't have to think about what someone else thinks? What meals do I like? What do I want to cook for myself, or do I prefer just a bowl of cereal at dinner? Do I still have value? Am I capable of relationship outside of marriage? How can a Christian woman go through divorce and serve God? So many questions.

The invitation to this retreat came through Jennifer, who is a member of the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis, Indiana. First Jill decided to go. Then I asked if there was room for me. Next thing you knew, Becca and Cathy signed up as well. We're all friends who live within a 2 hour radius of one another. Although we began as quilting friends, we've become sisters in so many ways, because that's what women do.

Cathy and I drove together. Cathy and I have a lot in common. Each of us is dealing with some very big life challenges, and we have bonded together through our faith. Cathy doesn't say a lot, but what she does say is worth listening to. We shared a hotel room (which I booked through Priceline at the crazy low rate of $45/night when it's usually triple that!).

We got to the meeting on Thursday. Jill was there front row center ready for Bonnie.

The guild meeting was held at a beautiful Presbyterian church. Just look at the chandeliers and stained glass!

The meeting went through its regular business stuff and then came Bonnie. What a delight!

Here she is showing an overflowing basket of scraps as she led into her Scrap User's System.

Some of the great lessons I took from the meeting's presentation:

  • What you throw away costs $9.50 per yard just the way all the other stuff did. You're throwing your money into the garbage if you don't use those pieces.
  • To convert any quilt pattern to a scrap quilt, instead of looking at the full yardage requirements, dig down into the pattern and look for the smallest cuts and units used.
  • Value is more important than color in scrap quilts, because you're using such small pieces.
  • The rules don't matter.
There is so much more to share with you, and I'll try to do so over the next couple of days. The Starstruck Workshop was on Friday, and the Crumbs Workshop was today.

If any of you ever get a chance to take a workshop from Bonnie, please do so. She is one of us. Down to earth, funny, smart and joyful.

In closing this post, I just want to say how grateful I am for the women in my life. God did not give me sisters by birth. But I have been given sisters of the heart. A very wise counselor told me that since women are the caretakers of the family's emotions, we psychologically re-enact family dynamics when we get together. There are sisters, aunts, moms, children, and grandparents present whether they're physically in that room or not.

My sisters of the heart are part of that life journey. Jill and Becca are the younger sisters I never had. I love their energy, their enthusiasm, their silliness, and there are times that I'd like to strangle them for being so annoying! (In this same scenario, if I'm their psychological big sister, you can only imagine what a know-it-all b**ch they might consider me at times!) Cathy is my twin. I feel what she feels, I just tend to express it more. Jennifer is wise beyond her years. I love seeing her with her children and am amazed at all that she can accomplish. I love these women.

Bonnie became one of those sisters this weekend. The sister who encourages you. The one who takes the training wheels off your bike and then watches proudly as you wobble along on just two wheels. She's the one who laughs with you when you fall down because she knows that you will get back up, try again, and stay in balance this time.

Here's a group picture of my weekend sisters.

That's me on the far left, then Cathy, Becca, Bonnie, Jill and Jennifer. We're holding Bonnie's wonderful crumb quilt. The words around the border are True Friends are the Brightest Scraps in the Patchwork of Life.

There's more to come. Right now I have some animals to cuddle. Thanks to all of you for supporting Piwacket in her endeavors to express herself.

Yours truly,
Linda (Momcat)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Could They Be?

Have you ever put something away in such a safe place that you couldn't find it when you need it? C'mon, you know you have.

That's what Momcat did with all the 2-1/2" strips she needs for the Bonnie Hunter workshop tomorrow. She spent last night and this morning turning the place upside down, looking in the car, opening every shopping and tote bag, all to no avail. She had yards of pink and brown strips cut. I think they're in the same place all the odd socks go to escape.

She wanted to do a pink and brown Starstruck. Now she's just grabbing purchased jelly rolls that are lying around and will make a super scrappy quilt. At least those pink and brown strips are here somewhere and can become a quilt in the future.

Now, here's the thing about Momcat. She's leaving in about 5 hours.

After she got distressed and got into a frenzy, did she start cutting and ironing those jelly rolls? No.

Has she cut anything into the required 2-1/2" squares? No.

Is her suitcase packed? No.

Has she eaten anything yet today? No.

But has she checked on her zoo and Farm Town applications on Facebook? You betcha!


Thank you to those of you who were amazed that someone found this blog offensive. And thank you also to the couple of people who suggested it was probably a mistake. I found out that the Flag button at the top of the screen does not prompt a dialog box to indicate "Do you really want to flag this blog? Do you know what that means, Bozo?" That is whack and Blogger really needs to make it harder to flag a blog rather than immediately blocking access while they do their review.


Maggie is almost six months old now. Next week she goes to the doctor so she can't have puppies (praise the Lord)!

She's getting too big for her bed, but Momcat wants to wait to get a bigger one for awhile yet. There are other expenses on the horizon, and Maggie does still love to curl up in this one.

Fix your ear, Maggie!!

Even I can tolerate her when she's like this.

Hoping to climb in Momcat's suitcase soon,

P.S. About 10 minutes after posting this she found the strips. She screamed with joy when she realized that she had put them in with the crumbs she needs for the second of Bonnie's workshops. At least she was thinking logically. There is now peace in the valley.