Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rebirth of a Sewing Room

The sewing room is undergoing a major reorganization. Furniture is being moved around, everything has been taken out of the closet and off of shelves. It's a mess.

It's been my experience that you have to go through chaotic deconstruction in order to have creation. That's true on the level of the creation of the universe, the rebirth of our spiritual selves, or something as simple as reorganizing a drawer.

Naturally, I'm helping Momcat (Linda) in every way I can. We started with a box of fat quarters.

Rather than digging through this box, we wanted to have a small space where everything was on display. So much easier to grab and cut. Especially since working from the stash is a high priority (no buying except for B words: borders, backings, bindings, backgrounds).

Along with that, it means using what we already have, or at least getting organizational supplies when they are deeply discounted.

Here's the
after of the fat quarters.

This is a shoe organizer which has now been discontinued, so Momcat picked it up for less than $20. There's still some work to do on color arrangement, but you can see how much easier it's going to be to select fat quarters for those stash-busting projects.

Here's a longer view of this section of the closet. Notice that the fat quarter storage is sitting on another item that could easily have gone to the curb. This is a section of a 20-year-old Sauder desk set. It might not be a pretty combination, but it sure is functional.
Bits of batting are in the basket on top of the FQ storage unit. Flimsys are on hangers in the closet. It was great rediscovering some of them. By having them on hangers we now see them whenever we open the closet. What an incentive to get them done! In some cases the backing has been selected and is on a hanger right next to the flimsy. Grab the top, back and batting and go!

The lower unit contains a box of patterns, jelly rolls, ribbons, and pattern books.

There will be more to come. Momcat and I worked hard. You can see that the babies, Butch and Sundance, were just enjoying the fact that we had a beautiful sunny day.

Here's to creation!



Gina said...

Momcat is to be congratulated!
She did a wonderful job and followed all yours instructions.
When Momcat starts on the colour arrangements maybe you can give her a hand - I mean a paw!
meow, meow

jillquilts said...

The FQs look great! What a cool way to organize them! And don't forget that you have a very cool friend with a frame that you can quilt some of your flimsies on!!!

Sharon said...

Katie says you and Mom Linda worked way too hard, but the FQ's look great! But she says it's time to get those 2 lazy kitties out of the sun and put them to work, too. They can do color sorting or something to work for their treats, so you can have a nice sunny nap now.

And we loved the turtle story! It really made us laugh!!

Elly D said...

WOW you write some interesting stories Piwacket! I loved the story of the Turtles,:)) and Mary and Martha and the sewing room tidy up.... will you come do mine? I just have 3 lazy house bunnies and a grumpy guinea pig and all they do is eat and poop all day. (Have a DH and a DD too and a DS but he doesn't live here anymore)
I hope your Momcat is getting over her pneumonia and feeling better by now. And thank you for your visit to see the little baby bunnies on my blog. I'm so glad you didn't eat any of them.
Your baby kitties are beautiful too but oh so lazy like my bunnies... Take care Bunnyhugs Elly

QuiltingB29 said...

Thanks for the great tip about the shoe organizer for the FQ. Is it similar to the closet organizer ones you can pick up at Walmart or Target? I may have to get me some.

Bethany said...

Love the shoe organizer idea!