Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tough Decisions

These humans! They fret over every little thing. Whereas the only thing that ever bothers me is not getting my food on time, being pushed off a lap (how RUDE!), and having the occasional hairball.

Linda, on the other hand, is apparently going through some things that humans consider challenges. A marital separation, along with some other personal issues, are causing her to more closely examine how she spends her time.

Uh-oh. I know what this means. When she's in one of these cycles she withdraws from everything but work and one-on-one relationships. Did you know that human females also create caves? Only in this case the cave is called the sewing room.

Just today Linda canceled membership in various groups and decided not to go on the St. Jude's Retreat. Those things aren't easy decisions, but they're the right ones for where she is in her creative, personal, and spiritual journey right now.

The good news from all of this (and yes, there is always good news and an opportunity to be thankful) is that the kits are prepared so some productive, lazy sewing just might take place around here.

I like being a cat. We don't seek approval from anyone. In fact, consider yourself lucky if we give you ours.



Carol said...

Hi Linda,

Hope things pick up for you soon. Human "hairballs" can be the pits!!! Tell Piwacket to be super "purry" with you :)

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I hope things get better for you soon. Keep thinking positive thoughts and saying your prayers and lean on your family and friends. I know it's hard to believe but things will get better.

CatQuilter said...

When Linda wants to re-join us after some "cave" time, we're here waiting for her!

sewmeow said...

Hi PI...My 3 quilt inspectors will find your Blog entertaining. I found your Blog from Quilting Bloggers page, 'cause you were featured on the first page. Am SEWWWW glad I did. It's wonderful!

Am sorry you are going through some "stuff" right now. Reach out to others, as most of us have gone thru this crap ourselves!

Not fun...be we sure get a lot more quilting done!