Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back in Business

Praise the Lord! Linda was befuddled, muttering to herself, and in general looking ridiculous as she crawled around amongst the dust bunnies, unplugging everything she could find. Replugged it in and still nothing. While at work she read all the trouble-shooting pages and realized that now that she'd tried everything, it was time to buy a new monitor, even though the "old" one is only a couple of years old.

So off to Best Buy she went, making a purchase that she didn't want to make. Got back home and unplugged everything again in order to do the installation. Just to double-check one last time, she plugged the old monitor into another outlet. Power light came on!

Oh no, so it's not the monitor? It's the computer itself? Holy crap!!!

Rather than getting the new monitor out of the box, let's just try one more time to reinsert each and every connection (for the third time).

Hallelujah! It worked. Although the icons were HUGE! Only eight desktop icons could fit on the screen. How the heck did that happen?

So back to the troubleshooting and feeling our way around the screen settings. We're finally up and running again. The new monitor will go back to Best Buy sometime this weekend. Thank goodness...that was just not in the budget!



More Quilts for Baby: As Easy as ABC is one of my favorite quilting books. There are 21 easy-to-make quilts in this book, which is full of great tips, clear instructions, and beautiful pictures of finished projects. If you ever need a super-quick baby gift, you can't go wrong with this selection.

Ursula also shows several of the designs in mature colorways and larger sizes. Don't let the title fool you....these patterns will serve you way past the baby stage.

I used the PS I Love You pattern from page 44 to make this cute baptismal quilt for a little girl at our church. I made it using a darling flannel print with a little kitten gathering apples. It took only a weekend from start to finish, including quilting in the ditch.

LATE BREAKING MEWS: Linda's just accepted the weekend position at our local quilt shop. First day of training is this Saturday! Let's see, the cost of the monitor has been averted and now we'll have some income to support our obsession. I'd say this is a VERY good day!


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