Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Kitting

The first day working at the quilt shop yesterday was terrific and Linda returns today, so I guess she didn't make too much of a mess of things (other than taking the entire shop off-line thanks to hitting the wrong button in spite of Jill saying ,"No, hit cancel!" Or taking a ruler away from Jill because she was too lost in her own little world. Or folding the fat quarters wrong and having to redo them. Just why is she allowed back today?)

The St. Jude's retreat is just 18 days away and there's still so much to do in preparation!

This morning we worked on preparing another PIG to take along. The pattern is Fiddlesticks by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

I'm using two Wild Rose jelly rolls by Brannock and Patek for Moda. This pattern would also work well for all those 2 1/2" strips from your stash.

I'm cutting it using one of my favorite tools, June Tailor's Shape Cutter. It has slots every 1/2" up to 12".

I've had mine for a couple of years and use it tons. In fact, you can see that I've taped one corner due to traveling and having SOMEONE (with human hands, so take a wild guess who it was) accidentally bend it when putting a heavy object like, say, a sewing machine on top of it. You can also see that it's been marked with numbers on both sides. That's so that we don't wear out the slotted openings on only one side.

It's a marvelous helper when you're cutting lots of 2", nickels or other similar size pieces. I layered 4-5 jelly roll strips on top of each other, then went down the line cutting my rectangles and squares. It was so much faster than lining up the ruler each time.

I still need to pick out the fabric for the sashing, inner and outer borders and binding. Shopping from my stash is a job for tomorrow.

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knitnoid said...

What a great idea about marking both sides of the ruler. I had mine for nearly a year (impulse buy at a great sale) before I ever used it. Now, if it's strips, I pull the ruler out.

I've admired the Fiddlesticks patter for a while, but havne't made it. Can't wait to see you quilt.