Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Holly Bandana Pattern

My friend, Jen, the Cre8tive Quilter, developed a great bandana pattern for her big girl, Holly. I'm now using this pattern to make Maggie's bandanas. The plus is that they slip easily over the collar, are very durable, and are super simple to make. Here's a link to Jen's pattern:  Holly Bandanas by the Cre8tive Quilter.

Maggie is wearing her new patriotic bandana, red covered in white stars.

She just saw her reflection in the sliding glass door. Look at that tail going!

She's bringing momma her dragon. She's quite the dragon slayer. This is her very favorite toy.

All tuckered out.

Three more bandanas for different seasons. Watermelon, fall flowers, and winter are ready to go.  I also made a duplicate red starred bandana for Kim's vizsla, Scout.

Butch and Sundance, my support staff.


Kim and I have been best friends for years and years. I now get to share her granddaughter with her. Being Auntie Linda is loads of fun, especially when Hannah is so adorable.  Yesterday we grabbed some Wendy's and headed to Winton Woods for a picnic and walk around the lake. Weather was a glorious 85 degrees with a breeze.

Just like her Nana, Hannah thinks I'm pretty funny.  She is such a happy baby.

The Canadian Geese and ducks were abundant. Especially once they found out we had French Fries to share.

Hannah was fascinated, and despite her love of food (this little one can EAT!) she was attempting to throw her Cheerio at them after she saw me throw my French Fries.

Nana Kim and Hannah watching the fowl.

After we left the park we headed to the Greenhills Creamy Whip. Just look at this beautiful heirloom quilt from Kim's family. It's so soft and perfect for the baby to roll around on. I'm tellin' ya, a lovely summer day under the shade of a tree on a quilt with your best friend, a baby, and some ice cream. Can it get any better than that?

Kim's quilt. Yeah, I'm jealous.

Just look at that smile. Nana's got some yummy vanilla creamy whip to share.

I'd like you to notice the bench in the background. This is in memory of the daughter of one of my teacher friends. Jeni Miley died tragically from a fall and a seizure a few years ago shortly before she was to be married. Her mom, Linda, has turned her death into a legacy of compassion and giving. The Hugs from Jeni Foundation supports animal welfare, education, and children....all the things that Jeni loved. I didn't realize that I'd captured the bench in this picture until I started to edit. It makes a perfect day even better to be able to send Linda this picture and let her know what an inspiration she is to all of us.

Purrs and hugs,

Momcat Linda

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Prodigal Momcat Returns

Momcat is now home for a few weeks, so maybe I can finally get some scritches. Between her bum knee (which is doing GREAT now) and a couple of quilt shows, we haven't seen much of each other and no sewing has been done. Except she went into her sewing room yesterday and made something for the DAWG!!!

More about that later.

Here are some pictures from the Creative Expo where Momcat worked in the Best Friends Quilt Shoppe booth.


Jan Doench, owner of Best Friends Quilt Shoppe and creator of the Brand X pattern line, on the right. Momcat/Linda on the left. As usual, she's in the dark.


The Bee Quilt.

"I'm a Bluebird" 

The Sea Turtle Quilt is my favorite from the Hoffman Challenge quilts. Look how the quilt artist used lighter fabrics to mimic the sun's rays going through the water and shining on the sea turtle. Also like how the turtle extends into the border.


From The Fabric Shack's booth.  So is the Jelly Roll quilt above. 

Momcat's very favorite quilt at the show is this sample from The Fabric Shack. The use of traditional blocks, wool applique's, the tree of life in the center and gorgeous colors is really stunning.  We're adding this one to the bucket list.


Momcat was excited to find out about a Basketry Guild in Dayton, OH. About 22 years ago she took a basket weaving class through the Hamilton County Park District and had a blast. We still have one of the two baskets she made. This may be a craft we have to look into doing together. I'm sure my sibs and I would have a lot of fun chasing reeds.


Momcat has been taking Maggie out for lots of walks lately and decided to make a bandana for her. (Has she ever made anything for me? NO!!! In fact, she gets perturbed when I steal her pincushions.)

Here's Maggie modeling her new bandana, which seems to be perfect for her when she's wrangling up Butch and Sundance, those varmints.

Notice how her head and tail are a blur? She was so happy to become a fashionista she could hardly contain herself as she worked the runway.

This is the look that says, "Momma, it's time for a cookie and a nap."



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maggie the Faithful

Yesterday Momcat tripped while going up the stairs and dislocated her right knee. This has happened before, but not since January, 2006. That's a pretty good streak!

Maggie was near-by when it happened and she's convinced it's her fault, especially since Momcat was screaming in pain. Maggie didn't know what to do. We cats understand to just stay out of the way. Afterall, nothing is EVER our fault!  Even I can't blame Maggie.

Since yesterday morning she hasn't left Momcat's side. Here's a picture of her taken just today while watching Momcat at the computer. C'mon, Maggie, get over your guilt. Momcat will be fine!

Piwacket (who never thought I'd feel sorry for the DAWG)

Stash Report Sunday - June 13, 2010

This week a lot more was cut and fondled at the shop in preparation of the NQA show in Columbus, Ohio starting this Thursday June 17.  I'll be in the booth on Friday and Saturday.

I cut out The Big Shirt and got quite a bit of sewing done on Friday. The back and front are completed. Onto the sleeves next (I've never made sleeves before).

Used this Week:              3.5  yards
Used year to Date:      113.5  yards
Added this Week:              .5 yards
Added Year to Date:    45.25   yards


Net Used for 2010:     68.25 yards
Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times has used 181 yards so far this year. She's a whirlwind!
Happy stitching,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

9 Patch A Day Challenge Progress

Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company is mom to the 9 Patch A Day Challenge that started on June 1. We've completed 14 scrappy red, white, blue and tan blocks.  The picture below is NOT indicative of any final design. What a fun way to use up those 2.5" squares from scraps.

My siblings pay me in kibble for the privilege of coming up to snuggle in my throne with me. Sundance has paid the proper fee....for now.



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stash Report Sunday - June 6, 2010

Darn This n That Patterns and Cindy Taylor Oates!

The good news is that I did not break my New Year's Resolution. I purchased fabrics only for a specific purpose and did not buy extra yardage. The bad news is that I did make some purchases last week.

After seeing my friend Cheryl from the shop make and wear so many cute shirts from this pattern, I decided I needed to have one.  Since Cheryl also teaches the class at the shop, I can use her expertise. I don't sew clothes. I've never made a sleeve or a buttonhole, so it's about time I learned!

My goal is to have my shirt finished by the time I represent the shop at a couple of quilt shows later this month.  If you're in Cincinnati for the Creative Festival the end of June, or in Columbus,Ohio for the NQA show please stop by the Best Friends Quilt Shoppe booth to say "Hi!"

Here are the fabrics I selected. Piwacket has turned away in wrath, but Maggie is quite pleased with me. Of course, Maggie is happy no matter what I do.

I have a few patterns from This n That. I decided it was time to make some cute little bags from them.  I cut out enough fabric for three Abby's Treasure Box.  This picture is from the cover of the pattern. Mine aren't complete yet.

I picked up a charm pack of Frolic by Moda and a few fat quarters as well.  Here's my first box in process.

I love these cheerful brights and think they're perfect for this pattern.

I also cut out enough for four Sweet Stuff bags.  This picture is from the pattern cover. I haven't started sewing mine yet.

Finally, I also purchased enough material to make two Brand X purses, which is an original pattern from our shop.  Visit Best Friends Quilt Shoppe online to purchase your own pattern. Take a look at our tote bag, courier bag and backpack patterns as well!

Fortunately, I did manage to get some cutting done, including 300 2.5" squares in order to participate in Karen Montgomery's 9 Patch A Day challenge.  I really like how my red, white, blue and tan blocks are coming together!

Used this Week:              5.5  yards
Used year to Date:      110.0  yards
Added this Week:         11.75  yards
Added Year to Date:    44.75   yards

Net Used for 2010:     65.25 yards

Judy's blog includes not only her own stashbusting efforts, but the reports from several of us playing along. Take a peek for yourself.

I wish you a week of happy creativity!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rotating Snowballs and Nine-Patches Quilt Along


In January a group of us started a quilt along making 9-patches and snowballs. You can see the list of participants on the sidebar.  If you've been following along each month and making six blocks per month, by now you'll have 30 blocks with which to play!

I have 32, and will need to make four more by the end of this month.  Here's a picture of what I have so far (please keep in mind that I have not trimmed any of the blocks yet and this is not a final design).

I really like how this is turning out.


Nine-Patch Fever must be going around. Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company is hosting a 9-Patch A Day Challenge that started on June 1. That means there's plenty of time for you to catch up.  Go to her blog at Karen Says Sew to learn more.  She also has created a group on Facebook for those of us participating.  It's a great project for using up scraps. I'm using 2.5" squares.

Here's the Facebook link:

I decided to do a red, white, blue and tan version from my scraps.  I don't care about the motif or theme of the fabric, or whether there's a few other colors mixed in or even the value. My only goal is to use scraps and have them "read" Red, White, Blue or Tan from a distance.

These are just a few of the scraps that I'm starting with. There's even a piece of denim or two in the blue stack.  I actually cut about 200 squares total on Memorial Day.  Notice me in the corner of the table taking a much-needed break. Momcat will cut for hours, but I need a catnap every 5 minutes or so.

I sorted my cut pieces by color (putting the tans and the whites together), placing them in drawer organizers so that they'll be handy next to my sewing machine.  Any time I'm sewing anything, this can be my leader/ender project.  I picked up the tip about the drawer organizers from Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book. 

Karen's goal is for us to make just a block a day, understanding that we might really get going and make several at once. So far I've made three, one ugly on purpose to show you (really!)

Here's the two scrappy versions that I like.

And here's the ugly one. If you try to get too matchy (is that a word?) on these, they end up looking dumb. The scrappier the better. This one will be unsewn and the pieces all put back into the pile for picking.


A little over a month ago Trouble and Logan went to live with CatDaddy. Logan has adjusted really well, but Trouble never did. Momcat and CatDaddy decided it was best for her to come back to live with us. Usually when one of us has been gone, it takes everybody else awhile to reaccept them.

In this case, as soon as Trouble walked out of the cat carrier Butch and Sundance came to greet her. The three of them touched noses and apparently are going to live happily ever after together on the kitty condo. I'm going to let them stay in the crow's nest for now.  They all know that it's MY throne!

When Butch and Sundance came to live with us as babies, Trouble immediately adopted them even though she's never had kittens of her own. I think she was grieving for "her" babies and that's why she couldn't get used to her new environment. That's Trouble (with her head hanging down) and Butch up in the crow's nest, with Sunny on the shelf just beneath them.

I'm glad she's home. She's been my best student as far as quilt quality control. She's especially good about working her way into the midst of a quilt while Momcat does the binding.


....won first prize at the costume party! His friends wanted to know where he purchased such a cool costume. Leanne, Philip's sweet girlfriend, came in 2nd place with her Jean Grey from the X-Men disguise.

About to reclaim my throne for awhile,