Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rip Van Piwinkle

I settled down for a cozy catnap only to wake up 14 months later, which is about 8 years in feline time..and no other kind of time matters.

While I was sleeping Momcat kept up with several quilting projects, some of which are pictured below.

 From Atkinson's Designs Let's Do Lunch, Taco Salad table mat using batiks.

 Quilt made for a co-worker. Momcat called it "Moroccan Breeze" in honor of her friend, Mouna.

 Apparently Sundance took over my quality control duties in my absence.

 Hot pads for 2011 Pay-It-Forward gifts.
Hexing Around block for Friendship Swap exchange.

Very country hot pad for one of Momcat's co-workers.

Momcat also managed to stop working two jobs and paint the kitchen. Future decorating post will come.

Even I was sad to hear that my little brother Butch passed away quite suddenly. He was not yet two so we lost him far too soon to a mass on his kidneys. RIP little Butchie. I'll see you when it's my turn to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm overdo for some kibble and scritches.

Purrs, Piwacket