Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pumpkin Party Table Runner

Even with all the help we gave Momcat, I am not happy with the results of the Pumpkin Party Table Runner. Perhaps she was too busy with the DAWG to do her best work.

Sundance helped her set the zigzag stitch.

Trouble seemed to like the setting on the iron for the Pellon fusible web.

And here's the result.

We still need to sew the leaves and stems onto the pumpkins and then sew all three jack-o'lanterns together.

What would I insist Momcat do differently?

  1. Make sure all the stripes go up and down, rather than horizontally. The design element she chose of making only the center jack-o'lantern having vertical stripes displeases me.
  2. Do a better job on that zigzag stitch! I can see some of the stitching going too far into the base of the fabric rather than the applique. Not acceptable!
  3. Enlarge the stem slightly. Although we followed the pattern directions, and the pattern is adorable, I think a stem at least a fraction larger would be more appealing when combining the pumpkins into a table runner.
  4. Clip the curves in the leaf applique a bit better.
Momcat is going to finish this and turn it into the shop, but I'm insisting she do a better job and replace them as soon as possible.

I've assumed my post on the new orange fabric. I will be obeyed!

Don't mess with me,

A Thousand Words Thursday

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maggie's Potty Training

Momcat spent time on Sunday working on the jack-o'lantern table runner she's making for the shop. Here are the pretty fabrics we're using.

While she was busy cutting for about 10 minutes, Maggie decided to work on her own potty training independently. It didn't work out very well, as you can see. This is the view as Momcat came down the stairs to the family room. The powder room is the door to the left.

Entering the family room. Notice that Maggie even tried to clean up her mess by putting the toilet brush into her bed.

With all this potty and water emphasis, I guess it makes sense that she enjoys playing with her sea creature toys. The squeaky pink octopus is one of her favorites and the corduroy alligator is something she stole from Logan. My, doesn't she look innocent!

Off to help make those pumpkins,

A Promise From Momcat

I, Momcat Linda, do solemnly swear that I will:

  • Never buy a doll with a scary, creepy face.

  • Never have a concrete goose.
  • Never purchase Little Debbie snack cakes at a Flea Market, especially when they are mixed in with rusted garden implements.
  • Pet any creature that will let me, especially orphaned chicks, one who was born without wings so Mama Hen rejected it.
  • Talk to every shop keeper whether I really want to or not. and giggle inwardly as Jill shakes her head and walks away.
  • Express constant gratitude for all the blessings I have, such as being able to take a short vacation with a friend.
  • Love coming home whether I've been gone for an afternoon or a week.
  • Be the best friend and pet mom I possibly can be.
Dutifully signed by Momcat and witnessed by Piwacket on the 23rd of June, year of our Lord 2009.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm a Kreativ Blogger

I'd like to thank Sew Fun Quilts by sewmeow for nominating The Quilting Cat for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Check out her blog:

I am as flattered as a cat can be, which isn't saying much. Momcat, on the other hand, is blushing with pride.

Naturally, I like to look into these types of things, and I do not take "curiosity killed the cat" seriously whatsoever. Especially since I'm well aware that I have nine lives and I'm still on my first one. So I did a google search on who originally started this award, what it means, etc. And I can't find anything other than bloggers who have received the award from other bloggers.

I think that's marvelous, because all beans like to be encouraged, and I accept their need to live in community with one another. I'd just like to know about the award's inception, and can't find out anything.

If any of you in cyberland can help me out, please do so!

In the meantime, Momcat is temporarily technically impaired and can't figure out how to post the Kreativ Blogger logo here.

We will share 7 things you might be interested to know:
  1. Momcat was never allowed to have a cat while she was growing up.
  2. In her adult life she's rescued several. In order: Fido, Rocky, Chessie, Smidgen, Piwacket (that's me!), Jeannie, Logan, Trouble, Butch and Sundance.
  3. Momcat's degree is in Psychology, but it hasn't kept her from going crazy.
  4. If you come to visit me I will stay right by the door to greet you and then investigate everything in your handbag.
  5. I was named for the Siamese cat in "Bell, Book and Candle" starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. I am not Siamese, nor a male, nor a warlock, but I am capable of performing my own brand of magic.
  6. Momcat and CatDaddy had the misfortune of owning a Gremlin and a Pinto at the same time.
  7. Generally mild-mannered Momcat once tailed a lady all over the neighborhood and into the lady's driveway to confront her about littering. The rest of our family practically clobbered her when they found out how foolish she had been.
Again, thank you sewmeow of sewfunquilts for this very kind award. Momcat needs even more stroking than I do.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home with a Finish

We are all so glad that Momcat decided to return home a couple of days early from her vacation. She started feeling guilty about leaving Philip and me to take care of everyone else. You can see by this picture that we were not happy campers while she was gone.

She's told me a little bit about her trip, but mostly today she's been cleaning and unpacking. Momcat did say that French Lick is a lovely, quiet spot to visit, especially if you're not into the casino or bar scene. She and Jill stayed on a hill above the casino resort, but you'd never know there was traffic below. Every morning she took her coffee out to her private, wooded deck and listened to the birds.

She and Jill were lucky enough to be visited by a raccoon. And Jill had a chance to see a red fox in its natural habitat. Not to mention the ginormous crunchy beetle in the condo who wanted to inspect the thread. Man, I wish I had been there for that. A living plaything is always a blessing.

There will be more posts to come, with pictures. As for now, she does have one sample she completed for the shop.

This is called "Sweet Dreams." I love it even though I didn't get a chance to give it my quality control stamp of approval.

The other two store samples are still in progress, and nothing was done about her personal UFOs.

On the other hand, in an upcoming post you'll get to hear more about shopping trips to quilt stores and Amish country.

Here's Maggie's reaction to Momcat's vacation. She's trying in vain to pull off the luggage tag in the futile hope that Momcat will never, ever leave us again. And yet she hedged her bet by making sure that her bone was put in the suitcase on the off-chance that she'll be able to come along on the next trip. Ha! You'll soon learn, Dawg.

Taking a nap with my Momcat on the sofa. Do not disturb us,


A Special TWO Thousand Words Thursday

Friday, June 12, 2009

You're Going Where??

Momcat: Piwacket, I'm leaving today for a week's vacation of sewing, relaxing, and visiting with a friend. That means you get to be on vacation, too. No blogging or using the Pi-Cam for the next week.

Piwacket: Who will meet all of my food and litter box needs? That's all I really want to know.

Momcat: Philip will stay here with you and be your slave. He knows how to care for all six of you while I'm gone.

Piwacket: Just out of curiosity (I am, after all, a cat) where are you going?

Momcat: A place called French Lick, Indiana.

Piwacket: I like to lick. Butch likes to lick. Maggie likes to lick a LOT. Is this another one of those bad places just for beans.

Momcat: I'm afraid so. When this bean gets home I'll have lots to show you. I have three samples to make for the quilt shop, plus some of our own UFOs to work on. It will be hard to sew without you, but I'll somehow have to manage.

Piwacket: I'll miss holding paws with you while we sleep.

Momcat: Me, too, sweetie. Help Philip keep everyone in line.

Piwacket: You know it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Finish

Finally, a finish!

Momcat and I finished the binding on this Christmas table runner earlier today. One finish many more to go!

This is the Framed Star Table Runner from Little Charmers III by Anka's Treasures. We used two charm packs so that we could create a pieced binding. Momcat used a red, green and yellow variegated thread to free motion on the white background. The stars were outline quilted using a gold thread.

Don't you love it when you get a package? We do. Momcat always loves what's inside and I particularly like the boxes. Friday this arrived...

These three King Tut threads are lovely variegated neutral colors. They should last a long time! (I always secretly hope that Momcat drops one of these big spools as she's threading the machine. Play time!)

This weekend was the first annual Lebanon Quilt Show in Ohio. Best Friends Quilt Shoppe, Momcat Linda's part-time employer, allowed her to work the show on Friday and Saturday. The days were long, but the venue was great. It took place in an old school, so that each vendor had an entire classroom to display their wares. The quilt show itself was an example of the history passed down through the generations. There were so many family stories to accompany each of the antique quilts.

It was also a good place to catch up with some quilting friends.

Maggie Update

I'm trying hard to maintain my cool demeanor on the homefront, but it's not easy. It was bad enough when I was having to put up with two kittens running amok, but now with Maggie things are getting out of hand.

Momcat has a friend coming over tomorrow and I heard her muttering that the house is decorated in Modern Mutt right now. I'm not kidding. There are doggy toys scattered everywhere, along with bits of grass, a huge crate, and a gulp! bottle of a spray called Urine Gone. Draw your own conclusion.

Maggie doesn't understand the difference between me and a rawhide chew toy. She's 13 weeks old today. This is the DAWG playing with her stuffed cow that has a squeaky inside it.

And here she is enjoying the backyard with her toy bulldog. My feline siblings and I would like Maggie to spend a lot more time outside.

Here is what Momcat discovered after leaving Maggie alone in the backyard for only 15 minutes.

I think she was trying to tunnel her way back into the house. We've also discovered that sucking on rocks is what she considers a good pasttime. Good thing Momcat is reading Cesar's Way or I might put myself up for internet adoption.

I'm staying safely up in my throne until Maggie turns about 4 years old and has learned some manners.

Wondering how to get down for my dinner,

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Successful Weekend

It's been a busy weekend and Momcat is heading into a hectic week. She'll work six days this week; three teaching, two at the quilt shop, and one at a quilt show.

Saturday, while working at the shop, she selected this pattern to make as a sample. The pattern includes instructions for a tablerunner, table topper, and placemats. They all use the same basic pumpkin shape, and it's up to the individual whether or not to make them into jack-0'lanterns. Momcat has three weeks to finish it. It's so cute that I hope to convince her to keep it when she's done.

What else did we do?

  1. Set up a success/fail tally sheet for Maggie's housetraining. Can you guess which has more tick marks?
  2. Did six loads of laundry.
  3. Made the binding for a Christmas tablerunner.
  4. Dug up some weeds and rocks.
  5. Has the dubious honor of being crowned Queen of UFOs this week on Stashbusters.
  6. Made plans to go out today after work to lease a new car, giving her old one to Philip.
  7. Finalized plans for her trip to French Lick, Indiana.
  8. Realized that she's lost 1.5 pounds since Maggie joined the family. Walks are helping!
  9. Got the new air conditioner installed just in time for Cincinnati's muggy summers.
A couple of weeks ago Momcat came across a very pretty Treenware bowl and bought it for the living room coffee table. I don't think this is quite what she had in mind when she got it.

Butch and I think it's just the right size for us to curl up in. Not together, of course.

Weekly Stash Report:

Yards In: 0
Yards Out: 0

Hope the beginning of your week finds you in a comfy spot,