Friday, April 24, 2009

And Away We Go!

Today is the day that we join some of our quilting friends at the St. Jude Retreat in Palestine, Ohio. We're staying at the Golden Eagle Retreat Center. I can hardly wait to meet some of the buddies that we know only through online groups. It's our very first retreat ever, and it supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. How cool is that!

Momcat is busy getting the sewing machine and snacks together. So Butch, Trouble and I are packing the suitcase.

Trouble, don't forget our toy alligator! It's in the hallway behind you.

What's that Momcat? Did you say something?

"Yes, I did, Piwacket. You and the other kitties can't go. The retreat is only for human beings. CatDaddy is going to come over and take care of you while I'm gone for the weekend. So you be nice puddytats and don't get into too much mischief."

I'M NOT GOING???????

Why do only beans get to go? I can be a big help. I can understand leaving Butch at home, but ME??????

"I'm sorry, Pi, that's just the way it is. Now I have to go. Love you lots and lots!"

And out the door she went. Just like that. Didn't even look back.

Well, don't worry about me. I'll just sit alone in the dark in my laundry basket until Sunday night. See if I care!



Gina said...

You have a fantastic time with your friends Momcat!
Meow, meow

Joy said...

I only just found your blog and I have to tell you that I LOVE it!! Have a wonderful time at your retreat ......
Joy :o)

aneela said...

dear quilting cat, I am in love with your quilting acronyms especially stash and wombat !!! you have captured the spirit of the quilter's mind. I'm glad that were all emotionally united in our thinking patterns!!!

Beth said...

Piwacket you look like my Nina...Are you sisters?