Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We all had a good weekend here. Linda got a lot of her things done, and we got to spend a bunch of time cuddling with her.
  • Have dinner out and attend "The Shack Tour" with Natasha on Friday.
  • On Saturday: move furniture, do the painting touch-up, quilt, cross-stitch, clean, grade papers, get items ready for the school auction.
  • Meet Jill at IHOP on Sunday morning.
  • Work inventory at the LQS on Sunday. (Get paid in fabric...woo hoo!)
The Shack is a book that is popular in mostly Christian circles right now. Paul Young, the author, was in Cincinnati and provided attendees with an illuminating, hilarious and touching evening. If you're open to a very non-traditional view of the trinity, you might find this a good read.

Cincinnati is known as "Sinus Valley" and is a mecca for allergists. Linda was down for the count on Saturday. Her ears, teeth and cheeks hurt. You know how that sinus pressure can be. The goal was to feel better by Sunday. I enjoyed having her just lie around. Sometimes I have to hiss Butch out of the way just to get my snuggling time in.

Today was a great day. Despite the horrible rainy, cold weather here, some of the sinus pressure had abated. So a yummy breakfast at IHOP at 8 a.m. with good friend Jill was followed by both of them working inventory at the LQS.

So much was accomplished! Upon walking in none of the 3000 bolts of fabric were on shelves. Everything had to be scanned, organized and restocked. You don't realize how heavy those bolts are until you've been moving them around for a few hours. For quilt addicts, however, it's a small price to pay for fondling all those pretty fabrics. The books were unshelved and had to be alphabetized. Super project for Jill and Linda, who are both sort of anal about that kind of thing.

Working from 9 to 1:30 resulted in a payment of 9 yards of fabric! That's a good haul for a short period of work. A wonderful bonus is that Linda's been hoping to get a part-time weekend/evening/summer job at the shop and today the owner indicated some interest and gave her an application. How cool would that be!?

Sundance (Sunny) is putting her nose of approval on today's salary. There's one yard of each on the table. We're all happy that it's a cat-themed line.

Although this focal print is also cat-themed, it really doesn't go with the other line. But the tone-on-tones and blenders look great with it. Maybe we'll get a cat pillow or two to sleep on? (As if....probably more baptismal quilts in the making.)

I've added a list of quilters' terms and quilters' acronyms on the sidebar. If you know of any I should add, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Hope your weekend also had a balance of work, rest, and spirit.


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