Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eating Crumbs

We've been spending a few minutes each day working on crumb blocks a la Bonnie Hunter.

Since Bonnie explains it best, here's a link to her tutorial.

There's a drawer in the sewing room dedicated to scrap pieces that are either little, partially pieced or haven't been cut down yet. Orphan blocks also wind up there. Ever since Momcat attended a Bonnie Hunter workshop, she doesn't throw out much of anything. She saves anything that is 1" or larger.

Yesterday she pulled out the drawer of scraps and just started sewing pieces together at random, with no thought to color or pattern. I sat atop the ironing board in my usual spot to supervise. She worked on three blocks at once, using areas that were trimmed to add to the next block and so on.

Our blocks are trimmed down to a 4.5" size. The trimmed bits will be used in other crumb blocks.

Here are the five blocks completed over the course of about an hour of sewing time.  Now imagine another 25 similar blocks all joined with a fun tone-on-tone sashing such as orange, coral or lime green.

If you look closely at these little blocks you'll see batiks, orientals, Halloween novelties, flannels, Christmas, florals and 1930s reproductions. Anything goes! Feel free to add some ribbon, or bits of clothing or wide rick rack (just make sure your materials are washable and dryable...these are quilts that are meant to be used).

Sundance and Trouble cozied up on the sewing room daybed while Momcat and I worked. Typical!

Have you created for 15 minutes today?


Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bees' Knees

I've looked through Momcat's UFO's, PIGS, stash and books to decide what we're going to create for the master bathroom.  Momcat says since she can't afford to do a complete overhaul we're going to just spruce up what we have.

And what we have is a hideous 1960s bubble gum pink and white bathroom. With the original sink, tub, toilet and faucet. The faucet is actually crumbling into the sink. It's not good. I refuse to enter the room. I sit comfortably atop the bed and watch as my bean enters this horrible place and gets wet every morning. I've tried to teach her about the fine art of licking oneself clean, but she just won't do it.

I've decided on using a Civil War color scheme that we and brown.  There's almost no wall space, so this Carol Hopkins pattern is just the right size.

The bathroom redo won't commence until sometime this summer. Momcat insists on following Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace plan. That means cash for everything. She's saving up her moolah for a new sink, faucet, vanity and commode.

In the meantime, we've rediscovered cross-stitching. I like to sit on the arm of the recliner and watch, gently directing the stitches in the right direction and separating the floss. Oft times my efforts go unappreciated.


This design is on 32-ct. Belfast Linen using just 1 strand of Weeks Dye Works over 1 thread. Momcat swears by her Ott-Lite with a magnifier.

Here's how the final design will appear. We're a spelling bee family. Momcat won several back in her day (about the same time that the Egyptians built the Sphinx). Philip, her son, was a regional Southwest Ohio winner for the Scripps-Howard spelling bee when he was a little bean in the 6th grade. And as a substitute teacher Momcat often had impromptu spelling bees in the classroom with token prizes awarded.

I like the itty-bitty bee buttons. Look how tiny they are! I would love to scooch them around, but I haven't been given the opportunity yet. My time will come. Waiting...waiting...

Bee creative!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rip Van Piwinkle

I settled down for a cozy catnap only to wake up 14 months later, which is about 8 years in feline time..and no other kind of time matters.

While I was sleeping Momcat kept up with several quilting projects, some of which are pictured below.

 From Atkinson's Designs Let's Do Lunch, Taco Salad table mat using batiks.

 Quilt made for a co-worker. Momcat called it "Moroccan Breeze" in honor of her friend, Mouna.

 Apparently Sundance took over my quality control duties in my absence.

 Hot pads for 2011 Pay-It-Forward gifts.
Hexing Around block for Friendship Swap exchange.

Very country hot pad for one of Momcat's co-workers.

Momcat also managed to stop working two jobs and paint the kitchen. Future decorating post will come.

Even I was sad to hear that my little brother Butch passed away quite suddenly. He was not yet two so we lost him far too soon to a mass on his kidneys. RIP little Butchie. I'll see you when it's my turn to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm overdo for some kibble and scritches.

Purrs, Piwacket