Friday, June 12, 2009

You're Going Where??

Momcat: Piwacket, I'm leaving today for a week's vacation of sewing, relaxing, and visiting with a friend. That means you get to be on vacation, too. No blogging or using the Pi-Cam for the next week.

Piwacket: Who will meet all of my food and litter box needs? That's all I really want to know.

Momcat: Philip will stay here with you and be your slave. He knows how to care for all six of you while I'm gone.

Piwacket: Just out of curiosity (I am, after all, a cat) where are you going?

Momcat: A place called French Lick, Indiana.

Piwacket: I like to lick. Butch likes to lick. Maggie likes to lick a LOT. Is this another one of those bad places just for beans.

Momcat: I'm afraid so. When this bean gets home I'll have lots to show you. I have three samples to make for the quilt shop, plus some of our own UFOs to work on. It will be hard to sew without you, but I'll somehow have to manage.

Piwacket: I'll miss holding paws with you while we sleep.

Momcat: Me, too, sweetie. Help Philip keep everyone in line.

Piwacket: You know it.


Fern Reed said...

Pi and I will miss you M

mcat!!!!!!!! Fern

Carol said...

So Pi have you survived your quilting pet being gone? Cyber paw hold from this end.