Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maggie's Potty Training

Momcat spent time on Sunday working on the jack-o'lantern table runner she's making for the shop. Here are the pretty fabrics we're using.

While she was busy cutting for about 10 minutes, Maggie decided to work on her own potty training independently. It didn't work out very well, as you can see. This is the view as Momcat came down the stairs to the family room. The powder room is the door to the left.

Entering the family room. Notice that Maggie even tried to clean up her mess by putting the toilet brush into her bed.

With all this potty and water emphasis, I guess it makes sense that she enjoys playing with her sea creature toys. The squeaky pink octopus is one of her favorites and the corduroy alligator is something she stole from Logan. My, doesn't she look innocent!

Off to help make those pumpkins,


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Rememder Moncat everytime you have to go Maggie has to go. Sometimes even more often. When I am potty training I talk to my puppy all the time. I tell the puppy what I am doing and what he or she is doing. When they go I make a big deal of it and praise praise praise. It only takes a day or two at the most to train any doy. Spend as much time with Maggie as u can.

sewmeow said...

Apparently she was quite bored yesterday and found her own "exciting" things to do while you were trying to sew.

My cats love to bring their "toys" up on the bed to me in the middle of the night....like ..."it's time to play, not sleep".

Thanks for sharing the pics.

jillquilts said...

Too cute!!

Piwacket said...

Dear Animal Lover, Quilt Lover Fern,

Since you don't have an email address I'll leave you a comment here. Momcat doesn't find your comments hurtful at all. She has also had and trained many dogs through the year. But this is my first DAWG! So while Momcat thinks that Maggie's progress is great and right on target, I don't understand why she can't go to a litter pan like the rest of us.

If Momcat had her own blog Maggie's story might present itself differently. Since this is my blog and my perspective on things, I'm going to tend to show Maggie at her worst and funniest. That's just the way I roll!


Anonymous said...

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