Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday


SewCalGal said...

I love this photo of your cats on your quilt. I've been searching for great photos of cats on quilts and would like to use this photo for an article. I hope we can chat directly soon.


Feedsack Fantasy said...

I think they are pretty comfy on that quilt & table ... must be a window nearby. Quite the models they are. Chuckle!
TTFN ~Marydon

sewmeow said...

Great picture! My 3 won't share like at a time, maybe.

Piwacket said...

Feedsack Fantasy..I've lost your contact information. Thank you for leaving such nice comments for me to read! And you're right...the sliding door to the patio is behind the chair in the foreground of the picture. We won't discuss the hygiene factor of having 3 kitties decide to nap on the kitchen table. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Was wondering where Pi was in all this?
Animal lover, quilt lover,

Piwacket said...

When you don't see me in a picture I am either:

1. Sitting on my throne at the top of the kitty condo.
2. Sleeping in the bowl on the living room coffee table.
3. Sleeping on the daybed in the sewing room.
4. Sleeping almost anyplace else.
5. Or using the Pi-Cam.

How wise of you to realize that my whereabouts are of the utmost importance. You, Fern, are a smart human bean.