Monday, June 8, 2009

A Finish

Finally, a finish!

Momcat and I finished the binding on this Christmas table runner earlier today. One finish many more to go!

This is the Framed Star Table Runner from Little Charmers III by Anka's Treasures. We used two charm packs so that we could create a pieced binding. Momcat used a red, green and yellow variegated thread to free motion on the white background. The stars were outline quilted using a gold thread.

Don't you love it when you get a package? We do. Momcat always loves what's inside and I particularly like the boxes. Friday this arrived...

These three King Tut threads are lovely variegated neutral colors. They should last a long time! (I always secretly hope that Momcat drops one of these big spools as she's threading the machine. Play time!)

This weekend was the first annual Lebanon Quilt Show in Ohio. Best Friends Quilt Shoppe, Momcat Linda's part-time employer, allowed her to work the show on Friday and Saturday. The days were long, but the venue was great. It took place in an old school, so that each vendor had an entire classroom to display their wares. The quilt show itself was an example of the history passed down through the generations. There were so many family stories to accompany each of the antique quilts.

It was also a good place to catch up with some quilting friends.

Maggie Update

I'm trying hard to maintain my cool demeanor on the homefront, but it's not easy. It was bad enough when I was having to put up with two kittens running amok, but now with Maggie things are getting out of hand.

Momcat has a friend coming over tomorrow and I heard her muttering that the house is decorated in Modern Mutt right now. I'm not kidding. There are doggy toys scattered everywhere, along with bits of grass, a huge crate, and a gulp! bottle of a spray called Urine Gone. Draw your own conclusion.

Maggie doesn't understand the difference between me and a rawhide chew toy. She's 13 weeks old today. This is the DAWG playing with her stuffed cow that has a squeaky inside it.

And here she is enjoying the backyard with her toy bulldog. My feline siblings and I would like Maggie to spend a lot more time outside.

Here is what Momcat discovered after leaving Maggie alone in the backyard for only 15 minutes.

I think she was trying to tunnel her way back into the house. We've also discovered that sucking on rocks is what she considers a good pasttime. Good thing Momcat is reading Cesar's Way or I might put myself up for internet adoption.

I'm staying safely up in my throne until Maggie turns about 4 years old and has learned some manners.

Wondering how to get down for my dinner,


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Darling pets, cute blog. TTFN ~Marydon

Jennifer said...

Great table runner..I have one to finish with that fabric too - but lots more to do on mine (it is not yet quilted!). Hope that life with Maggie starts to improve soon! She looks pretty cute in those pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Pi!!!!!!
It will take about 1 & 1/2 years for Maggie to grow out of puppy stage. And that is with a lot of time and tranning. Our dog is almost 12 now,but we remember her puppy well. If she likes to chew get bones from the vets. That helped a lot, teaching her what she could & could not chew.
e mail me