Thursday, May 7, 2009

Retreat Report #2

Although the St. Jude's Retreat ended on April 26, Momcat is still reveling in all the fun and companionship. Not to mention the mess that remains around the house. Who would have realized that just a short weekend away could result in so much stuff entering the house! I assure you, it's a joyful chaos.

As is the fact that Philip came home from university last night. This is what moving home from college makes the living room look like. It's a playground!

We have our fingers and furry kitty toes crossed that an upcoming meeting with the Dean allows Philip to graduate now rather than having to wait for one class in Spring of 2010. Next step is job-hunting and figuring out what to do with a degree in Comparative Religion. All I know is that as soon as he sat at the computer I climbed up onto his lap and started purring. It's so good to have him home.

Back to the retreat, however. Cathy and Linda stopped at Valley Quilts in Trenton, Ohio on the way to the retreat center. Momcat (Linda) had never been there before. Here are the cute patterns she bought.

I can hardly wait to help her make the darling confectionery pincushions. Maybe looking at a doughnut pincushion will help her with her diet. The great retreat food sure didn't.

When arriving at the retreat center there were hugs and introductions. Jill pointed out Momcat's sewing spot to her. Look at the neat gift items from the Peeps (the group from Prolific Online Quilters who met at the retreat).

The great sewing caddy is from Jen, the beautiful red rice pack is from Jill, I can't remember who made the coaster, Jill made the cool name tag (yeah, that's right...MY name is on the tag) and Jennifer made the yellow thingy.

The Woman Behind the Cat

Notice how delighted Momcat is by her/my name tag.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Peeps were thinking "You crazy clueless woman...there's a quilt right there. Open it!"

To say that she was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

This picture shows how nicely quilted it is thanks to Jill's long-arm and her hard work, plus some passes by Jen.

Now about that yellow it is on the couch at home.

Here it is being modeled by Momcat. It's a finger pincushion! However, Butch and Sundance are convinced it is the very best cat toy they've ever batted around. Now really, is anybody surprised by that?

May you live in a joyful chaos, too.



jillquilts said...

I'm so glad that you lilke your quilt! And how exciting that Philip is home for now! I hope it all works out with the Dean. And while I would love to take credit for the name tags... Jen did make them. She slaved and slaved over them for about an hour. giggle!

CatQuilter said...

Enjoy your time with Philip! I'll keep the meeting with the dean in my prayers. That's a biggie. Philip may want to contact Tom Moll at Christ's Church at Mason (my church) They did have some staff openings.