Saturday, May 23, 2009

Introducing Maggie

I had no idea when Philip and Momcat left to run errands this morning that they actually were hatching a devious plan. Since Saturday morning is frequently the time that they leave to do human bean-type stuff, my siblings and I thought nothing of it. Until they got home at about 10:30 a.m. with a DAWG!!!!

They seem to like her a lot. And I must admit that even though she's been here less than 12 hours, I've already touched noses with her and think she might be okay. IF she's willing to take my instruction.

Maggie is only 10-weeks old, so she can learn a lot from me. Since Butch and Sundance are also still babies (7 months) they're likely to get used to having a dog around pretty quickly. She seems pretty smart for a dog. She's already responding to her name, has peed only twice inside but 5 times outside, and thank goodness has done her Number 2 Business outside as well! (I really don't like doggy stinkies in my house.)

She is a black lab/boxer mix. She's going to be a big girl. You should see the size of her paws! She ate a mammoth-size meal for dinner.

Momcat and Philip are doing a good job of teaching her how to be the kind of dog that even we cats can tolerate. One of the signs that this was the right decision? Our previous dog, Daisy, was a lab/pointer mix. We all loved her. Including me. She lived for almost 12 years and was the best dog in the world. She passed away quickly a few years ago and the family has mourned for her. Momcat, when she hears the word Daisy, feels that her guardian dog is looking out for her.

So today when Momcat and Philip were signing the adoption papers they were discussing what they'd like to call our new forever friend. Joey, the office manager at the shelter, said, "Well, you might want to pick your own name, but we've been calling her Daisy." Momcat and Philip looked at each other. When it's right, it's right.

So I'm going to give this pup a chance. So far, she's been no trouble. In fact, I'm in my crow's nest in the family room, watching her right now as Momcat types for me. Maggie is asleep on a blanket on the floor. Even I must admit that she's pretty cute. (Although she passed gas and that's not a smell I've experienced since our Daisy was around.)

Stash Report Week #3

Stash In: 6.5 yds (3 yds for borders and binding, 3.5 yds for ConKerr Cancer pillowcases)
Stash Out: 0

Here's to love between species,



Cindy said...

She is absolutely beautiful and the perfect name for the little sweetie. May all of you live in peace and harmony.

Jamie said...

Awww she is so cute!!!

knitnoid said...

She's so cute. I'm glad everyone is getting along.

jillquilts said...

Very adorable!! And great job on the potty training so far!

Sharon said...

Wow, Maggie sure is cute! This must be the Mom-time for bringing home new babies, 'cause we got one, too. Our DD brought over our new furry grandbaby on Mom's Day--a little white Jack Russell Terrier named Holly. She's cute, too, but boy does she have lots of energy. And she's not as good in the house yet, she poo'd on the rug once and floor twice, and pee'd, too. Even though we took her out to do her business--yuck! But DD says she's still a baby and she'll get better. Katie had to slap her a few times, 'cause she kept yipping into her face and bouncing all around her like a Jack-in-the-Box. Katie is very low-key and not used to being with such a noisy, young, whippersnapper. But now Holly is learning that Katie is boss, and Holly is only VISITING! You make sure you teach Maggie to respect you, Pi, so she will be a well-brought-up young lady. Oh, by the way, your Mom's sewing room looks great! Wish ours looked as good. Bye for now, Katie and quiltingmama20.