Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stash Report One

As of last week, I decided to start keeping track of my stash a la Judy Laquidara's method. (Click on Patchwork Times in the blog list to see Judy's terrific ideas.) I knew better than to start this when Momcat was on retreat. I still need her to take a picture of some of her winnings and retreat favors.

She's been in a No Buy Challenge since November 1, 2008 and has done really well on it. I was super-worried when she started working at the quilt shop, but amazingly she has shown great restraint.

Anyway, the Stash Report for the week is:

Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards

The goal is to have more fabric going out than coming in. I need to push someone away from the computer and television to make sure that happens. Now that the weather is turning nicer,the lawn, weeds and exterior house work are calling to her as well. Last night she had the disgusting experience of finding out that someone (probably neighborhood juveniles) egged her car. The more she needs to destress through quilting, the more other things seem to get in the way. I must start putting my paw down immediately!


jillquilts said...

OMG! That's awful! Those creeps! Yeah though cuz now I have a buddy in stash busting!

Jennifer said...

I'm so with you - that dang tv and computer! If only you could sew and read/watch at the same time. Good luck on the stashbusting!

Cindy said...

You just keep on helping her with her destressing. Seriously consider becoming a watch cat.

CatQuilter said...

Pi, When you are able to de-stress your mum, please phone Smudge and tell him how he can do the same for me.

Carol said...

Oooo, yuck. I've had my van egged before. Stinky and sticky.

Is there enough decent egg left to make omelettes for the birds :) (Called making lemonade out of lemons !!!!)

Piwacket said...

Thanks everyone! The eggs on the car cleaned up nicely, the driveway was a bit tougher. I'm sure it helped that a nice neighbor noticed the eggs before it had too long to dry on the car. Linda's doing much better in the stress department since leaving the 8th grade teaching job to go back to elementary school. 3rd graders are a LOT nicer to their teacher!