Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Focus: Little Quilts

It's been awhile since I've posted an In Focus on my favorite books and/or patterns. My goal is to highlight one or two per month, and now that Momcat's over her retreat phase perhaps I'll be able to get back on schedule.

In Focus

Little Quilts All Through the House

This book is an oldie but a goody. Published in 1993, it's one of my favorite ways to bust stash, and with today's focus on using up what we have, I wouldn't be surprised if the popularity of this little gem finds a new audience.

Here's one of the quilts made from the book, using just various scraps from other projects. It's called Hopscotch.

It's the perfect size to use as a table topper, a doll quilt, to throw onto a basket to hide the contents, and of course, for me to sit and purr on. I particularly enjoy the buttons.

Many of us use Bonnie Hunter's method of cutting and storing our scraps. Little Quilts allows us to make use of even smaller strips. Whenever you're cutting, don't throw away those strips that are less than two inches. Cut them into various widths of 1.25", 1.5" and 1.75". Many of the designs also use squares of various sizes such as 3", 5.5" and 6". If you've been collecting nickels or charm squares it would be quite easy to adjust the patterns to use up those squares.

Remember that the idea is to USE YOUR STASH! Although we have a lot of darker country colors in our stash (think Thimbleberries) I'm curious as to what some of these designs might look like using today's more contemporary colors. A little quilt using one of the patterns, but Amy Butler fabrics, for instance, might give a room the happy kick it needs.

Retreat Report #3

Momcat, who never wins anything, was the lucky winner of two raffles and a round of the most lame Quilt Bingo ever. Here's the winning card.

Momcat said that if she ever hears the word "variegated" again she might have a meltdown. At least she was able to continue sewing while she played. And the prize was terrific!

Here are her various winnings, with one very special item not having come to the surface yet. It was in a raffle and made by fellow Peep Regina the I. It's a bag that was filled with cool tools. It's buried somewhere and I'll post about it when it comes to light.

The Patterns

Books, More Patterns, Retreat Gifts from the Organizers

In the center of the picture above, you'll see a credit card holder and pin cushion. At each meal the retreat organizers had a gift at each place setting. Most of them were handmade by one of the gals at the retreat. What a nice thing to do!

Here's a better look at the credit card holder when opened. I really think Momcat is going to enjoy using it, although I think she needs to keep the credit cards IN it and not have them come out to play.

We have plenty of patterns and books to keep us busy for years to come. Better get busy.

Happily occupied,


Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Hi Piwacket! I'm Chris. My two kitties, Penny and Oscar are waving Hello to you. I have that Little Quilts book and I love it like your Mom Cat loves it. Oscar and Penny love to snooze on quilts too. By for now!

Jennifer said...

That book looks great, and I can't believe the amount of books and patterns you wound up with!

Jennifer said...

That book looks great, and I can't believe the amount of books and patterns you wound up with!

sewmeow said...

Hi Piwacket, Princess, Braveheart & Roxie send their best regards to you. They enjoy your blog. No, they won't share their cat nip treats!

Glad to hear your cat mom won so many nice things, patterns, books, and things.

Hope you gave your cat Mom an extra loving purr today for Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Cat, animal lovers kitty wants to say Hello Piwacket! She has ben very interested in Piwacket
posts.Like Piwachet, Happy is boss cat here too.She has been boss of the house for 11 & a 1/2 years She was 3 or 4 years old than, so she is a senor kitty.