Saturday, May 2, 2009


Momcat finally settled into the recliner so that we could have a cuddle and a conversation about the retreat she went on last weekend. Although she didn't accomplish nearly as much as she thought she would (too much time spent giggling and playing Left-Right-Center, perhaps?) she feels great about what she did manage to get done.

Here's the Fiddlesticks top, sans outer border. Not bad considering how many pieces are involved. Proves how much it pays to have things cut ahead of time. Look closely and you'll find the "humble" block. Some people purposefully put in one block that serves to remind them that only God is perfect. Momcat never gets to put one in on purpose. Her imperfections just naturally show up uninvited! mew

You'll be seeing this again when it's completed. At Momcat's given rate of UFOs, that might not be for several years.

She also completed 188 small flying geese blocks for another project.

Here's an equation to remember:

Momcat + Sewing Machine + 3:30 a.m. = Frogging (see sidebar for definition)

There are about 50 of those flying geese blocks that had to be unsewn and redone because they turned into trapezoids rather than flying geese blocks. Thank goodness Momcat didn't cut the waste triangles as she went!

What a blessing friends are! The ride to retreat was delightful. Cathy is a down-to-earth, wise, generous soul. Cathy introduced Momcat to a store called Valley Quilts which is a sweet store with lots of neat things to see. Each store has its own personality. Below is a picture of Cathy's dog, Daisy, seeing us off. I would have preferred to see a picture of Smudge, a fellow feline, but she was wisely in hiding.

When they arrived at the retreat center Momcat had such fun meeting people that she'd only known through their online communication. They took her completely by surprise when she found out that they'd made a comfort quilt for me. (Yes, for me. I comfort Momcat, so her friends know just how important it is for me to feel engulfed in loving support). Naturally, interspersed among the beautiful blocks you'll find some cat fabrics.

Momcat was so overwhelmed that she hardly knew what to say. I, on the other hand, know that I am totally deserving of anything that someone chooses to do for me. In fact, I sometimes think, is that IT? Truthfully, beans need this kind of community and I'm so glad that Momcat has found her niche.

Jill made several of the blocks, along with Jen, Moneik and Cathy. (Please leave a comment if I've left someone out.) Jill and Jen did the quilting (the night before leaving for retreat, no less) and Moneik did the binding. Jen also made a pillowcase for me.

I have more to share from retreat, but right now I want to rest my weary head on my new pillow.



animal lover, quilt lover said...

I love your blogs the most! So cute! Fern

CatQuilter said...

Tell your mum it was fun having her for a passenger! We'll have to get together again real soon! Daisy sends her regards.