Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Christmas Marches In

When Linda's car pulled in the driveway all of us were lined up in the living room picture window waiting for her as usual. Usually she smiles at us and says "Hi" as she's walking to the door. But not this time.

As soon as she saw that the mail carrier had left a few boxes, she was too excited to notice us at all. I'm indignant. Once she opened the door I made sure to let her know that the job of feeding us comes first. She took the hint.

So what arrived? She ordered several items from Rebecca Barker and most arrived today.

First of all, we have three Quiltscapes books now, one of which will be donated to the upcoming St. Jude's quilt retreat. Some lucky raffle winner will receive a signed copy of Quiltscapes I. We're keeping the other two here.

Just look at how lovely the pictures are, and the patterns are included. A treasure for any quilter and we now have two great coffee table books for our house.

Also, this beautiful print that we're going to have framed. (Another print is on the way and you'll get to see it when it arrives). Look at the colors, texture and lovely detail!

And a variety of note cards. Aren't they great?

As if that weren't enough, Ms. Barker was kind enough to send along this complementary mouse pad as a thank you gift for the order! It's proudly holding our mouse right now. (Mouse, hmmmm, mouse.)
Our home is quickly turning into a comfortable, cozy, warm quilter's refuge. We're hopeful that friends will come over who also love (or are tolerant of) cats and would enjoy quilting with us.

Another arrival was a quilt rack from GWiz products. I think putting it together is going to be a weekend project. I'll be sure to help with the tools and the directions. And then we'll be able to get some of those quilts out for display!

This is Logan watching the action in the room surrounding how to put the quilt rack together. Linda can't seem to tell one expression from another with us cats. I, on the other hand, can take one simple glance and tell that Logan is overjoyed. How can you not see that?

We're so happy with our new purchases and this is our "Lost" night. We also have two movies from the library that we've been wanting to see..."Burn After Reading" and "Charlie Wilson's War." By being frugal with things like DVDs we're able to get the decor for the house that we want.

That's also why we're stashbusters (great group!) Using up what we have is not only efficient, but requires us to be creative. More on this philosophy in upcoming posts. In the meantime,
I'd like you to get "Lost" too, but in a good way.

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