Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Smells Fishy....

...and I don't mean in a good way. Not like salmon or tuna. Hmmmm, tuna. I wish I could occasionally talk someone into putting something into my dish besides kibble.

See these carriers? They mean one thing and one thing only. Someone's going to the very bad place.

I'm really hoping that Butch and Sundance are the two making the trip. Logan and Trouble are smart enough to hide as soon as they see the horrible cages come out of the garage. I, however, insist upon checking everything out for my loyal subjects. And then I run away when danger is more imminent.

I've been noticing that Butch has been trying to play with Sunny more aggressively, like biting the back of her neck and then trying to climb onto her back. Sunny definitely doesn't like that. Maybe Butch is going to get a chill pill.

Considering the "to do" list for the weekend, we ought to get a lot of our quilting and cross-stitching accomplished.

  1. Drop kitties off at vet and pick them up later on Friday evening.
  2. Stay home all weekend to nurse kitties. Keep big cats away from them.
  3. Finish sewing 4-patch baby quilt.
  4. Finish puppy block.
  5. Grade papers.
  6. Cross-stitch.
  7. Call Mom.
  8. Finish making spring break arrangements.
  9. Get at least one more project ready for upcoming quilt retreat.
Here's a picture of the 4-patch baby quilt. A couple of the rows still need to be sewn together and then we'll be ready for the borders. It should be just the right size for a baptismal quilt.

Last weekend this kit came to the forefront of the stash. It's a Benartex kit called Acorn Hollow and will be going on retreat at the end of next month.

Did you remember that this Saturday, March 21, is National Quilting Day? Do you have anything special planned? How about joining those of us who belong to Stashbusters for a stay-at-home retreat?

No need to make travel arrangements or pack a project. Just fix something easy ahead of time in the crock pot, or order a pizza when you're ready for dinner. Take some tips from Dawn Ramirez, the Pajama Quilter. Stay in your PJs!! Practice your feathers. Finish a UFO. Sew down the binding on that quilt that's been bugging you. Let your fingers walk through the web to find some FREE online projects (there are tons). Don't let the day slide without taking some time for your favorite hobby.

Now it's time for one of my other favorite hobbies. I need to lick my forepaws for awhile.

Your quilting cat diva,


Anonymous said...


I have a very important question for you. I think and think but i can't understand it. I have this evil little brother Oliver. He insists on giving me a hard time! I will just be sitting there on the couch, and here comes Oliver. He will jump up, look me straight in the eyes, AND THEN SIT ON MY FACE!!!! He smells disgusting on top of that, by the way.My main point of writing this is that I know you have younger siblings and i wanted to know how you deal with them.

Much thanks,

Piwacket said...

Dear Schmorggy,

Thank you for asking me such a smart question. You have recognized my true talent of being the Dear Abby of the feline world.

You are correct that younger siblings are annoying. The worst part of it is that our humans think they are SO DARN CUTE no matter what they do. I personally have found that a bit of a growl, followed by a hiss, and then a good hard slap on the head is enough to keep my inferiors in line. When all else fails, I slink away and go to my closet where I can be left alone.

And don't forget, you can always shove Oliver away from his food dish and get his share. The weaker you make him the easier your life will be. It's a good reminder for him to know that YOU are in charge.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much! I've already tried some of your techniques. I stood up for myself by sitting down... on Oliver's face! How do you like me now? Oh and i know exactly what you mean with the humans thinking that Oliver and other little kitties are cute. Tricia actually likes to pet Oliver until he's drooling.I mean, how GROSS is that?

Tuna not war,