Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Got Done?

Time to review our weekend accomplishments. Anything that is crossed out got done completely. The other items got sorta done. For instance, although the puppy block isn't completed, we did work on it a bit. Same with the four-patch and cleaning the bathroom. Unfortunately, the closest we got to cross-stitching was rearranging and organizing some of the materials needed.

  • Grade papers
  • Laundry
  • Complete puppy quilt block
  • Finish sewing rows together of 4-patch quilt
  • Start taxes (hack, cough, sorry....always get a nasty hairball when I think about them)
  • Attend church
  • See "Watchmen" (She'll have to do this without me)
  • Hang two pictures
  • Take pictures for upcoming blog posts
  • Cross-stitch
  • Clean bathroom
  • Take Philip back to campus on Sunday
  • Finish reading The Shack
  • Get at least one thing ready for St. Jude retreat
  • Call at least two friends
  • Go through one fabric bin and fold it using the ruler method. Organize by color.
The quilt shop's inventory was postponed until the end of this month. Boo hoo. However, Linda still gets to work it. Yay!

It took a lot longer to grade papers than either of us realized it would. The end of the quarter is soon. Linda is the writing teacher, so each of the papers must be read thoroughly prior to grading. There are about 125 students and they complete about four assignments per week. That's a lot of reading! Even though it's a job she loves and she gets a lot of help from us (that's Sundance lending a paw), it's very time-consuming.

Sunny is even willing to crawl into the tote bag to make sure there aren't any papers left. What a good girl!

We put the quilt frame together and it looks great in our upstairs hallway.

The picture above the quilt frame is one of the two we put up this weekend. Here's "Dove in the Window" by Rebecca Barker. It adds such joy and color to our kitchen!

One of the things we've learned in tackling anything, whether it's a quilt, housework, grading papers, or whatever....do a little bit every day. Flylady has helped us conquer a lot, and it's a great method. You'd be amazed how much you can get done when you set the timer for 15-20 minutes and dedicate your entire focus to that one job.

For us it's also a form of prayer. Each little thing we do is a way to express gratitude and worship; that our hands may be guided in even our smallest endeavors to honor our Creator.

May your catnip be fresh,

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