Friday, March 13, 2009

Revision to Weekend Goals

Linda is doing her happy dance, which really freaks me out sometimes.

She just got a text message from her local quilt shop asking if she'd like to work inventory at the shop this Saturday, and they're going to pay her in..........(wait for it)........FABRIC!!!

Obviously, there will be some items on the weekend goal list that we'll re-prioritize. My sisters and brother will be delighted to inspect the new material when it comes home.



Carol said...

Hi Piwacket, Tell Linda congratulations and may she make many quilts for you to check the quality of :)

Scrappy-Quilter said...

how cool is that - love your blog

Anonymous said...

All you little lovlies make sure Linda leaves your dinner out. You will lose her under all that fabric she will bring home. I know only too well as I also work part-time in a Patchwork Shop. i get paid real money but most goes back to pay for fabric.
julie in OZ