Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is Trouble. Trouble is 17 months old, but even this picture, taken when she was much younger, shows that she was going to be a whiz at quilting quality control. This is a baptism quilt that Linda made. Wonderful warm flannel and cheerful kitten design. Trouble gave her approval and off it went to church.
Trouble came to live with us when she was eight weeks old. She and her mother had been dumped at a shelter when Trouble was still nursing. No idea what may have happened to the other kitties in her litter. Naturally, she was too young to remember. Anyway, Linda just brought her home one day much to the surprise of the entire four-legged and two-legged family members. Amazingly, she fit right in. I liked her right away, as did Logan. The picture below proves it. We all like to share the kitty condo.

That's me on me throne, Trouble on the shelf below me and Logan on the next shelf. The three of us get along great and always have.

Trouble is a huge help to Linda in so many ways. Not only is she a terrific quilting apprentice, but she is also Linda's companion when it's time to cross-stitch. Linda doesn't like it when I try to critique her needlework. I am insistent that I can thread the needle, separate the floss, or stitch better than she can. Trouble, on the other hand, likes to just snuggle and watch. She always approves of what Linda is doing. These humans and their need for validation. Sheesh!

Trouble also likes the new babies in our house. Butch and Sundance were rescued the day after Thanksgiving when they were only six weeks old. They were really hard to catch and came out of a hole in the wall. Butch is the orange tabby and Sundance is another dark beauty like me.

Logan and I are not too crazy about sharing our home with kittens, although we're starting to get used to them. Butch has an especially winning personality and one does have to feel a bit sorry for him since he's the only boy. But look how Trouble treats them! Not only does she care for them as if she were their mother, but she's shown them to the pinnacle of the crow's nest and sleeps with them there. That is just not right! That's my throne and I really don't like sharing it with these young whipper-snappers.

So excuse me. I need to give Trouble a talking-to immediately.

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