Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Again

The past couple of weeks Linda has been home a lot. I like having her home. She likes being home. But both of us are saying "Enough is enough!"

Linda is a teacher. Last week she missed a whole week of school because of snow days. And today she is off again. Yesterday afternoon our area was hit by what one weathercaster is terming a "snow bomb." We were supposed to get a light dusting, and ended up with 7 inches dumped on us in a period of about 8 hours. My siblings and I watched it all from the safety of our cozy, sheep-lined covers next to the living room window. There were very pretty, big fluffy flakes of snow.

Children were in Linda's classroom until 6 p.m. watching Disney's "Hercules," playing hangman, chatting and listening to Linda read stories. All while they waited for their buses that were running two hours late. It took her 90 minutes to get home. I was hungry and glad to see her.

This is one of my LEAST favorite things.

Linda's been almost as lazy as me today. She did bring home some papers to grade. When it was time for us to work on a project together, she decided that some spring colors would give her a lift rather than the dark reds and blacks in "Tea Roses."

So we pulled this out of the UFO pile.

It's a kit called Building Blocks by Benartex and uses Eleanor Burns' fabrics. Linda started working on this in November when she attended a quilting get-away at her friend Trice's house on Cumberland Lake.

Here are some of the blocks in progress. We're doing a Chain Log Cabin layout. All of these blocks will get additional strips. There will be a total of 20 blocks each about 12" big.

I always looks forward to helping with the layout of the final blocks. Linda will get things just how she thinks she wants them on the floor or a bed. That's when I take over, along with my crackerjack quality control team. It's our responsibility to shift things around and make them better. Sometimes Linda just doesn't appreciate our help the way she should.

May your day be purr-worthy.

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