Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tea Roses Top Finished

Linda and I have been sewing most of today. We put some more strips onto our pretty log cabin quilt, but the big news is that the borders are on the Tea Roses quilt.

We are purring with delight. This quilt has been in the works for about a year. The next step is for us to pick a backing fabric. And then we get to baste the backing, batting and top together. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! That's the favorite part for those of us of the feline persuasion.

Imagine all five of us kitties as we rearrange the batting, crawl under the top as Linda tries to smooth it out, and steal safety pins. Good times.

This is Logan. That hand petting Logan belongs to Darren, a member of our human family.

Logan was rescued from the woods. She was emaciated with matted fur, covered in burrs, had worms (including a really nasty tapeworm) and had a bite wound on her neck. I've asked her to tell me more about it, but she prefers to concentrate on her present life. If Keith and Linda hadn't brought her home from Hocking Hills, she probably would have died.

At first, I wasn't very happy to share our house with someone else. But now she is my favorite sister. We're about the same age. We are both having to get used to new kittens in the house.

We'll save the story of Butch and Sundance for another day.

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jillquilts said...

Tea roses looks great! Hey, why baste it when there is a lovely Lenny and Squiggy that could be used? :)