Monday, February 23, 2009

Puppy Piecing

We're still working on our paper-pieced puppy. Well, Linda's still working on it. I got tired of waiting. Here's what I did while she puttered around the house instead of sewing.
With some things changing at home, someone has to be willing to get into the small spaces to really measure what we have. I volunteered. I think there's about 30" of space between this shelf and the top shelf. I wasn't allowed to play with the tape measure. Hmmm, think I could talk Linda into putting my cat bed up here?

Meanwhile, in the sewing room, this is what Linda was dealing with.

This is the book we're using. It has really great designs with tons of wonderful teeny tiny pieces. Just take a look at the puppy pattern. Can you count the sections? Each section has a letter of the alphabet and must be done independently. Then the sections will be sewn together. Paper-piecing always takes some getting used to if we haven't done it for awhile. You have to do everything in reverse, like looking into a mirror.

So did you count? The sections are labeled from A through R. And most sections have about three pieces. This is only a 7" block. Can you imagine trying to work with those itty-bitty bias pieces without foundation paper? Yikes!

Consequently, we've managed to complete only one section so far. So here is Section A done. Doesn't look like much yet, does it? The dog's ear is in black, the blue is the sky. Only 17 more sections to go!

I think I'll head back to the closet for a bit.

May all your hairballs taste of tuna.

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