Monday, February 2, 2009

And So It Begins...

I am Piwacket. I make quilts.

Well, the lady of the house, Linda, has the easy job of running the sewing machine and cutting. She leaves the hard jobs to me.

When the bags of fabric come home, I climb in to make sure that they meet my standards. When she's looking at a quilting magazine, I lie down on the one pattern that's perfect for her. When she's ironing I climb up on the warm fabric to ensure my perfect tortoiseshell feline fur embeds itself into the fibers. When she cuts, I hold down the cutting mat. When she sews, I lay down on the pedal to keep her foot warm. I point out every dropped pin. I make sure no bobbin goes untested. I see if the binding clips will hold securely. And I allow my siblings to do a group quality control test prior to any quilt being considered truly finished.

Oh yes, I do have siblings. I'm the eldest of our little rescued kitty family. I'm six. I'm the best. I am the cat who can convince dog people that they are wrong.

I'm named for a Siamese cat (stupid blue crossed eyes) in a movie entitled "Bell, Book and Candle." This movie came out a long, long time ago and stars Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Ms. Novak is a witch and her cat, Piwacket, is her familiar. My family usually calls me Pi for short.

There are four other cats here. I like two of them. You'll get to know the others in a later post.

And you'll see some of the quilts I've made, too.

I hope you enjoy the ride, but frankly, I'm just doing you a favor by even deigning to include you in my daily life.


jillquilts said...

Welcome to the incredibly addicting world of blogging!!! I'm looking forward to getting to see all the great pics!

CatQuilter said...

Welcome to the quilty bloggy world. My mum will not let me in her fabric room most times. I sneak in - but I try to hide on the top shelf - it's really warm and cozy up there.
Purrs and head butts!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to blogland, Pi!