Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some of My Favorite Things

I have a very full life and enjoy many, many things. Here are just a few....

Decorating the Christmas Tree
Having a full dish of food

My "snake." I have to protect the house from this snake over and over again. It just won't stay dead. I grab it by its neck and then drag it from room to room, straddling over it and dragging it through my middle in between my legs. I hunch over and have been told it looks as though I have a second tail . I also make a very funny noise that apparently can be heard only when I have my snake. The family knows that my snake has been resurrected when they hear me throughout the house, making my high-pitched growl. And then they discover the snake in a new area of our home.

My kitty condo. It is six-feet tall and I enjoy the throne (or the crow's nest as my family calls it). This is what it looks like. That's my baby sister Sundance on it. I don't like her much. She's only 15 weeks old and pretty annoying.

Here I am rolling around in my crow's nest. Good times! And just look at my view of the family room. This is the ideal way to supervise all of my inferiors.

The quilt spread out on the couch is a recent completion. It's Idaho Beauty, one of Pat Speth's patterns from More Nickel Quilts. Notice that from my perch I can easily supervise my 17-month-old sister Trouble. She's moving up from an apprenticeship and going into a junior management position. She owes it all to me.

Here's a clearer view of the same quilt.

This quilt is called Tea Roses and is the next UFO we plan to complete. It needs a couple of borders and setting triangles before the top is done. We'd like to finish it in time for Valentine's Day, but no promises. My lady, Linda, always seems to go to work just when I'm ready to sew.

Be nice to cats. Not because we'll thank you, but just because you should.

And I'm going to instruct Linda on how to take better pictures. These sepia tones are making my cat eyes crazy. And the images are HUGE. Bear with her. She's only human.

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