Monday, February 16, 2009

Bargain Day

You gotta love a bargain. Lately our home has been undergoing some difficult changes so Linda is thinking positively about moving forward and turning the house into one that is a comforting refuge for her, and welcome place for friends and family.

She wants to repaint and reorganize some areas, and add accessories to others. But with this economy she needs to do it on a very skinny shoestring budget (ahhh, shoestrings...such fun to play with!) One of her friends recommended shopping at thrift stores, Goodwill and estate sales to get some great deals. So today Linda took the plunge and visited the Goodwill store for the first time.

It was a bit different going into the store instead of dropping things off to be donated, but she quickly got over the trepidation. Look at what she found!

This old tea box had a few little dead and live bug-a-boos in its crevices. Think that's why she was able to pick it up for only $2? It's all wood and after a good cleaning and disinfecting it's just the perfect size to hold charm packs and jelly rolls.

Take a look at it filled. I'm having a blast batting at the ribbons around the jelly rolls!

As if that weren't enough, she was hoping to pick up a couple of interesting (non-quilty) items for the built-in bookcase in the family room. With some books and pictures going to a new home, there were some definite bare spots that needed to be filled.

So she moved most of our quilting and cross-stitching books down to the family room. Then she wanted to add something that would bring height, color and/or inspiration. She finds a country palette soothing.

She was delighted when she found this mustard-colored crock at the Goodwill store. In the picture it's on the right shelf, second from the top, right next to a small tilted mirror. The tag on the bottom says it was made for Target in 2007, so not an antique by any stretch of the imagination. But it adds the color and height that she needed in that spot.

So no sewing for today, but we did accomplish some rearranging and organizing. It's all good!

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jillquilts said...

Very great finds! I do not like shopping at Goodwill either, but I'm afraid that I will need to soon. I can't keep buying brand new clothes that fit as I keep gaining my weight back. :(