Thursday, January 21, 2010

Building a Log Cabin

Momcat and I are in an online quilting group called TranQuiltity. The group has decided to work on quilts from any of Judy Martin's books. Jill, the group's fearless leader, fell in love with Judy's Log Cabin book.  There's no timeframe on when to get things done and no requirement about which pattern to work on.  In other words, the kind of easy project to build community that I deadlines and no competition!

I have two of Judy Martin's books:  Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book and Scraps.  Both are terrific books and I haven't made anything from either yet.  In browsing through I realized that I've never made a log cabin quilt. That's probably why I haven't earned a quilting badge yet.

Here I am pointing out the pattern to Momcat.

Judy includes several different block placement ideas.

Momcat's friend Cathy, Smudge's mom, decided to make the same traditional quilt using Civil War reproduction fabrics.  Cathy and Momcat made a couple of trips to local quilt shops that are known for carrying a nice array of reproduction fabrics. After stops at The Quilt Bug and Valley Quilts the empty spaces in their stashes were filled.

We need 5 blacks, 19 darks and 14 lights for the twin size quilt.  Here's what we're using.


I can hardly wait to get started on this, but in keeping with one of our 2010 resolutions, we need to finish two projects before we start on this. So far the pillowcases equal one completed UFO. One more to go!

Happy creating,


Barb said...

Yea!!!! One more...just one more...

Infinity Quilter said...

I like the fabrics you chose for your log cabin. I'm trying to get a couple more projects done too before I start on Timberline Log Cabin.

Laura said...

I love log cabin quilts. There are so many interesting variations. I have had that book on my wish list at Amazon since it came out. One of these days I may actually get around to ordering it!

Reenie said...

Oh, that is beautiful! I can't wait to see the progress pics!!

Carol said...

That is going to look so pretty. Love that particular layout. Might try it myself.
Oh no another project to add to my TO DO list !!!!!! You are such an enabler Pi :)

Regina said...

Nice choices of pattern and fabrics. I have picked my pattern (Finger Lakes) but the jury is still out on what colors I am going to use... I just have to wait for that spark of inspiration that will tell me.

Gina said...

Love the fabrics you'll be using. I'm going to do a quilt from the Scraps book. I just need to buy the background fabric ( all 7 yards) and then I'm good to go

Love and hugs Gina xxx