Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yarn and Needles, Oh Boy!

This just in:  Momcat is taking a beginning knitting class tomorrow night and you know what that means for me?  I'll have balls of yarn to chase!!  Logan and I have already been conspiring about how to find Momcat's yarn stash. Just wait until Butch and Sundance start watching her with the knitting needles clack-clack-clacking. And Trouble?? She'll be in the middle of everything, I'm sure.

Soon to be Quilting AND Knitting Cat??


Linda said...

Piwacket--Be careful or I will warn Momcat of your intentions! I'm sure she will enjoy the knitting class and taking time for herself!

Pat said...

Uh....oh....Momcat better watch out!!!

searchfamilies said...

Good luck with the knitting, i am a knitter i was before i did quilting as i am still very much a novice quilter.
I find that it great to knit in the evening so i am not just wasting time watching TV which is usually a load of rubbish anyway lol
Hugs Janice

sewmeow said...

I am also back to knitting, have made 10-12 scarves for Christmas, and now working on some slippers. Have fun.....it's really relaxing!

But a little difficult to do with a big "King Braveheart" on your lap, biting at the yarn and ends of the needles.

Enjoy it.