Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Winner and A Sample


Shellie!!!!  Email me your snail mail address, Shellie and I'll get your snowman applique envelope to you.  Congratulations.

The 7th and Final Giveaway for my birthday celebration will be announced later this week. And it's going to be a big one, so stay tuned.


Portugeese has flown away for awhile so that we can work on shop samples. Momcat volunteered for five (what was she thinking!)  Actually, I know what she was thinking. Being paid to sew on very pretty fabric is a good deal.

Here's a list of what we're working on for the store:

  • Confetti (from the book Four Patch Frolic)
  • Crib quilt *
  • Crib organizer *
  • Large pillow *
  • Alhambra
* These are all from a new line called Sugar Biscuit by Wilmington Prints. We're using the manufacturer's patterns. Click here to see the whole precious line.  KT from the shop is doing the set in blue and Momcat is doing the pink set.


Art Gallery Fabrics has released this new line and Momcat immediately fell in love with it. This is a sample that we're going to keep!  Just take a look at these beautiful fabrics!  Here's a link to the whole line. You can also download the free pattern. Art Gallery Fabrics - Alhambra II


We live in the land of the Bengals, which is generally something of which to be ashamed. If nothing else this season, however, Philip and other fans are seeing excitement as the minutes count down and then the team pulls out a last-second victory.  Momcat and I hate football, so I sleep on Sundays (just like every other day) and Momcat works at the shop. Trouble cuddles up with Philip and keeps him company while the game is on. But she's about as interested in the game as I am.

Go forth and create!



Jennifer said...

Congrats to Shellie, and now, Pi, let's talk. I can provide some tasty kitty treats for you if we can make some arrangements about drawing #7....think on it, and you let me know.

Shellie said...

Yipee!!! I love snowmen and I am glad to have won it! Thank you! This is so fun!! But my favorite number is 7!!!

arlette said...

Piwacket: we have to have a serious talk, about the number 7, if not, I'm not going to give you, any tasty and juicy treats for you