Friday, October 23, 2009

A Winner is Picked!

I Had a Tough Time...

picking a winner for my final birthday giveaway. Being 7 is a lot of fun!

First, Butch started crowding me.  Get outta here, Butch!!

Then I had to stick my nose way down in the bowl a bunch of times, circling around it each time I did so.


Momcat was getting a little fed up with me at this point. She's home sick (not with the flu, but some other yukky virus taking down the teachers and kids) and is cranky.

Finally, I flipped out a paper. Momcat opened it up, and the winner is.....


Jamie Mueller!

Congratulations, Jamie!  Email your snail mail address to me and I'll see that your prize is sent. (I think poor Shellie is still waiting for her snowman applique''ll get there in time, Shellie!)


Trouble and Maggie attacked the yarn. I attacked the needles. Momcat's struggling with trying to figure out how to keep the yarn tension just right.  But I think her first couple of rows are pretty good. She has to knit a row and then purl a row. She says knitting is a lot easier than purling.


Here are the books she's using at home. Very nice diagrams in each of them.


 Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who have either left a comment or sent an email giving me encouragement about the new direction life is taking us. You've all been so kind. I hope to get in touch with you individually, but this will have to suffice for now. Your support and taking the time to share your own stories has been a blessing.

When our house gets put on the market, or sometime before, there's a lot of things that we'll want to sell. There will be patterns, books, fabric, cross-stitch kits and household items. We'll have an online moving sale accessible through both blogs (this one and Mustard Seed Living). I promise some great deals.

Now back to bed to cuddle with Momcat some more.



Mary Grace McNamara said...

Good job drawing that winner! My cat would have dumped the whole bowl and batted all the papers around the room! Congrats to the winner!

Love your knitting too! Very pretty yarn!


Myra said...

Thanks for hosting the giveaway Linda! Lucky Jamie!!!! 8-)

SewCalGal said...

What a fun giveaway. I hope you have had a good birthday celebration too!



Quiltluver said...

Red wants to know if you put catnip in that bowl. He is cracking up at the cat pictures. He is jealous of Pi having a new toy like that pretty new knitting project. All that yarn! Karen

Pat said...

Congrats to Jamie!

Jamie Mueller said...

Thanks Pi!! I will think of you while I sew!! Momcat, I emailed you my snail mail!!

searchfamilies said...

Congratulations to the winner, & your knitting is looking great it will take time like most things to learn so you can do it more easily but am sure it will come
Hugs Janice

Susan Freebery said...

I LOVE the photo of your precious cat picking the winner! Made me smile ear to ear. Well done!

Shellie said...

Pi thanks for the concern. I am patient. Not worried in the least... I was hoping the delay meant I may have won #7... hmm... Oh well. Here is to hoping. Congrats Jamie. Had a great time with this. I agree Knitting is easier than purling at this time...