Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Blog and New Yahoo Group

Momcat has started a new blog. Bear with us as we figure out how to keep my profile information on this one, while allowing her to be herself on her new blog.

The new blog is Mustard Seed Living. Momcat is going to share her thoughts and actions as she goes forward into a new chapter in her life's journey.  It's in its infancy, but then, this is just the beginning.

Also, a few bloggers have expressed interest in creating a Yahoo group for Christian crafters. Momcat/Linda volunteered. If you quilt, cross-stitch, knit, scrapbook, crochet, or do any other kind of craft...and if you believe that those talents come for God for His service, feel free to join us. Thank you especially to Linda of Linda's Lines and Loves for recommending the creation of the group.

We're The Crafty Angels.  Crafty has a couple of fun meanings, not the least of which means creative. Angels are God's messengers. Through our crafts we can bring God's message of love, comfort and reassurance.

Right now the Yahoo group is open. We'll see how it goes and make adjustments along the way.

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