Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giveaway Three Winner Is.......

Linda, step right up and send me your email address! You're the winner of our Week #3 Giveaway!
Linda doesn't have a blog as yet, but she's nice enough to follow several. Maybe we can inspire her to start her own.

Linda is a fellow teacher. Any lady with the same name as my Momcat has to be a good bean, right!?

It's great to see all of our new followers. Remember, there are still four more giveaways to go in my 7-week-long celebration. And you can win more than once!

I'll be writing a longer post later today. Right now I need to get a little more cat-napping in.


blushing rose said...

Lucky Linda ... congrats!

Welcome Gail on her lst day blogging @ shabbycottageshoppe.blogspot.com.
Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

sewmeow said...

Congrats to Lucky Linda!

Now...where do we keep commenting to enter again? I'm confused. That happens when my "Braveheart" cat insists on touching me, poking me and meowing at me all night long..and I keeping me awake.

Linda said...

If you are looking for Linda from Linda's Lines and Loves my email address is gpfarms@centurytel.net or schrankell@shelllake.k12.wi.us!
Sure hope it is me!! If not--I still love your blog!