Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cutest Towel Ever

There's a talented, nice lady who lives in Central Ohio named Lesley Bresler. Momcat met Lesley at a craft fair in Findlay,Ohio and loved everything that Lesley makes. You've seen hooded towels before, but the ones that Lesley makes uses really quality toweling, and she creates the cutest designs.

Now, other family members of ours don't read my blog (Philistines!) so I'm safe to share with you a Christmas gift that's going to one of our littlest beans.

Raggedy Ann consented to modeling the towel for you. Isn't she a doll? (groan)

The back includes the elephant's tail.

And here's the matching washcloth.

I have strong feelings about supporting small business owners and cottage industries. Lesley does a fantastic job at a reasonable price. If you visit her or place an order, tell her I sent you! Take a look at her website to find a whole darling menagerie of goodies.

Woobies and Bagoos by Lesley Bresler

Now I'm off to help Momcat make something with home dec fabric. We never use home dec fabric for anything, so I'm curious (always) about what we're doing with it.

I'll post soon about this week's giveaway. And it turns out that Linda does have a blog. You can visit her at Linda's Lines and Loves. Thanks for sending your info, Linda!


Gina said...

I want one. Does she do adult sizes? Lol

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Infinity Quilter said...

Very cute!

SewCalGal said...

At first I thought you had piwacket modeling this cute towel, and I was wondering how you got piwacket to hold still long enough & sit so straight. Then I spotted you used your raggedy ann doll. Very cute. And I'm happy to know piwacket was able to get a few more winks while you worked in this lovely post.