Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't Sit Downwind

We all know nicknames of the famous and infamous. Honest Abe, Buffalo Bill, Machine Gun Kelly, Typhoid Mary...I'm sure you can think of several others.

Meet Methane Maggie.

Fortunately, Methane Maggie's bouts with flatulence are infrequent, but when she gets them the miasma created will send you to the nearest window. The term "silent but deadly" has been uttered on more than one occasion. Particularly pungent poots require not only opening the window, but a scented tissue over the nose as well.

Here's the thing...my siblings and I don't pass gas. We are far too dignified for that. (We will not discuss the dignity involved in licking my own privates at this juncture). So when Maggie has a zephyr, we consider it just one more way in which we are far superior to the canine species.

I overheard Momcat talking about possibly introducing some veggies to Maggie's diet. NOOOO!

Aromatically yours,


sewmeow said...

Oh! Pi, I'm so sorry you have to live with the "smelly" one. Just run to the sewing room & hide out in Momcat's fabrics!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Maggie needes a very improved diet!
Labs and Boxers both are know for that problem. So it takes extra care with the diet.I would only allow dry dog food. Pet store quality.You choose! Not grocery store dog food...
If I can help more let me know.
Love, Fern

jillquilts said...

Oh man!! Maisy has that issue sometimes and it is the pits!! Max doesn't seem to mind it though. He is an odd one! :)


Our Maggie a Cairn terrier used to have this problem but since she has been eating only 1 brand if dog food and carrots for her treats instead of dog biscuits she is smelling like a rose. But your Maggie is so beautiful I must say.

Joy said...

You have my sympathies ... we used to have a Great Dane that had that same problem!! Can you imagine ...???
Joy :o)

Quiltluver said...

Pi, how rude for him to do that to you, the queen goddess of love that you are. Maybe Momcat will make him stay outside and then you won't have to be inconvenienced? One can only hope!!! Obviously, it goes without saying that you are far too superior to any canine creature! Red

Gina said...

Oh you poor thing. I can only sympathise as Stanley has the ability to clear a room aswell

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Roslyn said...

as advised, change the pups diet-preferabye to one without grain especially wheat & corn, Rice & millet are better. I feed only dry & after much research & comparison of ingredients I chose Innova & Button never has flatulence but I think sometimes it's an individual thing just as with people some are more gassy than others,lol!

Carol said...

I am about to roll on the floor with laughter. Thanks Pi, the imagery is great :)

Does MM perchance sleepwalk because I swear our van was very potent early this morning. We drove to school with the windows open:)