Monday, September 28, 2009

Agent 99's a Winner, Even Without Maxwell Smart

Congratulations to Agent 99

You've won our Week #4 Giveaway of all the scrapbooking materials. Now you'll have a spot to put those pictures and notations for all your creations! Send me an email with your snail mail address.

Sundance picked your name out of the bowl.

She's heading back to the bowl for more. Almost as if there was a treat hidden underneath all those papers. Hmmmm.

Christmas Table Runner

Sundance is also serving as our model on the Christmas Table Runner we finished last night.  This was SO easy to make.

Happy Sewing,


agent99 said...

No way! I NEVER win anything. OK -guess that's not really true. This is very exciting! Thanks Sundance!! I will email my snail mail address.

agent99 said...

kind of embarassing, but I can't find a link for email......Perhaps we need the "Cone of Silence." you can find us at hipgal423 on AOL though. And Gen & Fuji are also very experienced quilt quality control agents..... we can't wait for our goodies.
Again, Thanks so much!

knitnoid said...

Cute table runner. Sundance is good looking as well.

Jennifer said...

Love the table runner and Sundance is cute too!

Piwacket said...

Agent 99...Thanks for letting me know that my EMAIL ME button on my profile had disappeared. It's there again now. Loved your Cone of Silence comment!