Monday, June 28, 2010

The Prodigal Momcat Returns

Momcat is now home for a few weeks, so maybe I can finally get some scritches. Between her bum knee (which is doing GREAT now) and a couple of quilt shows, we haven't seen much of each other and no sewing has been done. Except she went into her sewing room yesterday and made something for the DAWG!!!

More about that later.

Here are some pictures from the Creative Expo where Momcat worked in the Best Friends Quilt Shoppe booth.


Jan Doench, owner of Best Friends Quilt Shoppe and creator of the Brand X pattern line, on the right. Momcat/Linda on the left. As usual, she's in the dark.


The Bee Quilt.

"I'm a Bluebird" 

The Sea Turtle Quilt is my favorite from the Hoffman Challenge quilts. Look how the quilt artist used lighter fabrics to mimic the sun's rays going through the water and shining on the sea turtle. Also like how the turtle extends into the border.


From The Fabric Shack's booth.  So is the Jelly Roll quilt above. 

Momcat's very favorite quilt at the show is this sample from The Fabric Shack. The use of traditional blocks, wool applique's, the tree of life in the center and gorgeous colors is really stunning.  We're adding this one to the bucket list.


Momcat was excited to find out about a Basketry Guild in Dayton, OH. About 22 years ago she took a basket weaving class through the Hamilton County Park District and had a blast. We still have one of the two baskets she made. This may be a craft we have to look into doing together. I'm sure my sibs and I would have a lot of fun chasing reeds.


Momcat has been taking Maggie out for lots of walks lately and decided to make a bandana for her. (Has she ever made anything for me? NO!!! In fact, she gets perturbed when I steal her pincushions.)

Here's Maggie modeling her new bandana, which seems to be perfect for her when she's wrangling up Butch and Sundance, those varmints.

Notice how her head and tail are a blur? She was so happy to become a fashionista she could hardly contain herself as she worked the runway.

This is the look that says, "Momma, it's time for a cookie and a nap."




Jen said...

You'll have to see how she does with her bandanas...if she starts pulling them off I have a tutorial on my blog for the kind where they slide right onto their collar. That's what Holly wears. She gets pissy when she doesn't have one on.

SewCalGal said...

Great post, as always. Loved all the photos, as well as seeing happy kids (who are excited to have you home).


sewmeow said...

wonderful pics, thanks for sharing with us.

Carol said...

Love all the photographs. I agree with you about the turtle quilt and the tree of life quilt. Beautiful.
So when is Pi going to get placated ?