Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Holly Bandana Pattern

My friend, Jen, the Cre8tive Quilter, developed a great bandana pattern for her big girl, Holly. I'm now using this pattern to make Maggie's bandanas. The plus is that they slip easily over the collar, are very durable, and are super simple to make. Here's a link to Jen's pattern:  Holly Bandanas by the Cre8tive Quilter.

Maggie is wearing her new patriotic bandana, red covered in white stars.

She just saw her reflection in the sliding glass door. Look at that tail going!

She's bringing momma her dragon. She's quite the dragon slayer. This is her very favorite toy.

All tuckered out.

Three more bandanas for different seasons. Watermelon, fall flowers, and winter are ready to go.  I also made a duplicate red starred bandana for Kim's vizsla, Scout.

Butch and Sundance, my support staff.


Kim and I have been best friends for years and years. I now get to share her granddaughter with her. Being Auntie Linda is loads of fun, especially when Hannah is so adorable.  Yesterday we grabbed some Wendy's and headed to Winton Woods for a picnic and walk around the lake. Weather was a glorious 85 degrees with a breeze.

Just like her Nana, Hannah thinks I'm pretty funny.  She is such a happy baby.

The Canadian Geese and ducks were abundant. Especially once they found out we had French Fries to share.

Hannah was fascinated, and despite her love of food (this little one can EAT!) she was attempting to throw her Cheerio at them after she saw me throw my French Fries.

Nana Kim and Hannah watching the fowl.

After we left the park we headed to the Greenhills Creamy Whip. Just look at this beautiful heirloom quilt from Kim's family. It's so soft and perfect for the baby to roll around on. I'm tellin' ya, a lovely summer day under the shade of a tree on a quilt with your best friend, a baby, and some ice cream. Can it get any better than that?

Kim's quilt. Yeah, I'm jealous.

Just look at that smile. Nana's got some yummy vanilla creamy whip to share.

I'd like you to notice the bench in the background. This is in memory of the daughter of one of my teacher friends. Jeni Miley died tragically from a fall and a seizure a few years ago shortly before she was to be married. Her mom, Linda, has turned her death into a legacy of compassion and giving. The Hugs from Jeni Foundation supports animal welfare, education, and children....all the things that Jeni loved. I didn't realize that I'd captured the bench in this picture until I started to edit. It makes a perfect day even better to be able to send Linda this picture and let her know what an inspiration she is to all of us.

Purrs and hugs,

Momcat Linda


Cindy said...

Maggie looks so pretty in her new bandana and lots of them ready to be put on for different seasons. Today my Maggie is going to the pet store to get her first " big girl" collar, a nice wide one instead of the puppy ones she's been wearing. Will this girl of mine ever stop growing????? Then on will go her red white and blue bandana for the 4th.

Kim Brough said...

Scout loves his bandana Linda! We enjoyed our day with you yesterday.

Vesuviusmama said...

What a perfect day on a PERFECT quilt! I'm jealous of Kim, too!