Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Report Sunday - February 28, 2010

Two months into the year and I'm very happy with my progress.

Lots of quilting happened this week on Fiddlesticks. Unfortunately, I won't count that as used until the quilt is completed.

Yesterday Momcat and Cathy (Cat in the Sewing Room) went to The Fabric Shack. Momcat wanted binding fabric for Fiddlesticks. After shopping the stash nothing looked right. There were two prints in shades of blue that could work, so she bought 1.5 yards of each. Yep, that means the blue that doesn't play well with Fiddlesticks goes into our stash.  However, that's all the fabric she got, so I'm proud of her.

Used this Week:     0 yards
Used year to Date: 64.6 yards
Added this Week:    3 yards
Added Year to Date: 32.5 yards

Net Used for 2010:     32.1 yards

Visit Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing.

Lots of things are on the schedule for this week. Momcat still needs to finish her three pay-it-forward gifts, plus Fiddlesticks. Then there are minor issues like, say, going to her job, getting a CT scan, and having a court date.

What will you add to creation today?



Barb in Mi said...

Your numbers look great! Way to go and good luck with your planned projects!

Laura said...

Great job with getting out of Fabric Shack with only 3 yards. I've never been there in person, but love shopping from their website.

Jandi said...

I keep seeing these stash reports and I have to say they scare me! I have no idea how much I am buying compared to how much I am using and I don't think I want to know! ha! Or, at least, I don't want my hubby to know! ha-ha!

Pat said...

I'm glad you found binding fabric!

SewCalGal said...

I'm very impressed. You've done really well. I gave up after my first attempt to report....too addicted to "adding".


viridian said...

I love shopping at fabric Shack! But it is quite dangerous. Congrats on only getting two kinds of fabric.