Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Snow Day = Snowball Blocks

We're in the midst of a snowstorm here with accumulations of 9 inches by tomorrow morning. That's on top of the four already on the ground. Which means that Momcat doesn't have to worry about substitute teaching for a few days.  And another storm is due in by the end of this week. Even Maggie is tired of the snow. She's gone from making doggy snow angels to coming in as soon after she makes the snow yellow as possible.

Which made today the perfect time to work on the snowball and nine-patch blocks for our Quilt Along.  Regina (bitnbyaquiltingbug) and Momcat are leading the way in this relaxing quilt along. Feel free to join us by leaving a comment and Momcat and/or Regina will add your blog address to the sidebar. Regina also has a WONDERFUL post with links to everybody's blocks.

Six blocks per month is what we're committed to making. This is Month Two. Doesn't matter if you concentrate on the snowballs, the nine-patches or a combination of the two. And feel free to join in whenever you can.

As of this afternoon, I have 22 blocks done. Momcat and I have been working ahead just a little because when the house goes on the market in April we might have to put our sewing projects away and concentrate on things like knitting and cross-stitching that take up less space.

So here's 20 of the blocks to give you a flavor of how ours is looking.  I love it!

Philip's girlfriend Leanne decided to join us for the day and will be staying in the guest room overnight since the roads are so bad. You can see that the two of them have made themselves comfy in front of the TV to watch the Olympics. At least they made room for Maggie!

Dinner is going to consist of macaroni & cheese, chicken strips, broccoli and rolls.

If you're snowed in, find a way to be content. Actually, the same is true even if you're not snowed in!



Jennifer said...

It is nice to quilt on a snowy day, isn't it? I just finished quilting one and am off to bind it shortly! Your blocks look really nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice snowball quilt! Snow, snow, go away, come again a year away! I'm no poet! LOL

SewCalGal said...

I enjoyed your post, as always. Your snowball quilt is coming along very well. I love how it looks.

My snowball quilt is sadly still in the box, waiting to be stitched. But this is a good week so I'm still hopeful to play catch up with my fellow snowball quilters. But I still enjoy being part of this sew-cial, very much!


Mistea said...

Love the snowball's colours - great combination.

CatQuilter said...

Great snowballs! Loads better than that "real things" outside. I made it into work today. I was off work already yesterday, but none of the stuff Andrea and I had planned got done.

Kady said...

Love your and I have many of the same "resolutions" for this year. I don't even call them that anymore, but they are things I will strive to do. Come visit my blog sometime - you and I don't live too far apart. I'm in Ohio too - just a little north of you.

Kady said...

I invited you to visit my blog then didn't give my blogsite:

piecesofpatti said...

I would love to be snowed in for a few days.......not happening for me, even if we do get a ton of snow, I am expected at work. The hospital never shuts down.
Nice blocks, keep on a sewin'!