Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plaid Posies Finished

Just a few minutes ago we completed the Plaid Posies twin-size topper. It's displayed here on a queen-size bed just to give you an idea how it looks. I can hardly wait to see what the shop does with it in terms of quilting, especially since there's all that great background with which to work.

You'll notice that I didn't use many plaids at all so we may have to give this a new name. Bloomin' Posies perhaps?

I purposefully went for an asymmetrical look and I like how it turned out.

January In Review

Now that we're almost halfway through February, it's time to see how January fared in terms of 2010's resolutions.

  •  Finish 1 Christmas gift/project per month.  I completed a couple of cross-stitched items that I can't show.
  • Do not purchase any patterns or books. No purchases made!
  • Except for backgrounds, purchases must be made for a specific project. The only purchases I made were for the upcoming Civil War log cabin quilt I'm going to make.
  • Finish two projects before starting a new one. I've cleared the decks and am ready to cut another project!
  • Give thanks daily. I think gratitude is so ingrained in my nature that I am constantly giving thanks.
  • Go out with friends at least monthly. I'm blessed with good friends who rescue me when I'm getting a bit isolated.
Month One has been a success.  I better get going on a Christmas project this month or else February won't be looking quite so good.


This Saturday Momcat and her BFF Kim will be joining the Greater Cincinnati chapter of Project Linus for their Blankets for Haiti event. The goal nationwide is to make, collect and send 20,000 blankets to Haiti. Project Linus is working directly with Haiti aide organizations to make this happen.

The blankets are simple one-yard cuts of either flannel or fleece hemmed on all four sides. 

Momcat will be your special correspondent to take pictures of the event for you and give you a report about how many blankets were collected locally. The goal for our chapter is 1,000. I have a feeling we'll surpass that!

Health Update:  We had a huge snowfall this week with all the surrounding counties declaring Level 3 snow emergencies. That meant Momcat had to reschedule her appointment with the otolar....ottolaryn....otlart...ear, nose and throat doctor. So she's still coughing and struggling to speak. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are probably glad of her paralyzed vocal cords!  The new appointment is scheduled for this Monday afternoon. Thanks everyone, for your get well wishes.

Have you created for 15 minutes today?



BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Linda! That's awesome. Very cool. much do you really like applique? I just can't seem to love it.

Pat said...

I love the look of applique but don't like to DO it (because I sort of STINK at doing it!!!)

sewkalico said...

Your posies are simply gorgeous! I do hope you get your vocal cords in good health soon!!

Barb said...

I loveeeee what you are doing....hope you get better!!

A Time for Stitching said...

Your posies are Bloomin' Lovely. I must try applique sometime.

Well done on your Janaury goals!
Teresa x

Vesuviusmama said...

Congrats on a whole month of sticking to your resolutions!

Kady said...

This is such a good cause. I'm going to see about a Project Linus chapter in Dayton and send some blankets. If I can't find one, I'll contact your chapter. I'm not that far away and could take some down there - to Cincinnati, that is. So glad you posted this.