Friday, February 12, 2010

Blankets for Haiti

Here's a picture of 27 flannel blankets ready to be packed and shipped tomorrow, bound for Haiti relief. Many thanks to Momcat's friend Jeanette for making 18 of these!


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful that you can send these to people that will truly need them and use them! God bless your work!

Joanne said...

I love your blog and visit here often. I love your kitties ... I have 3 myself. Love your quilts and quilt projects. But most of all I LOVE LOVE your definitions and acronym explanations ... I am brand new to blogging and at some sites I do not know what they are talking about. Then I came across your site ... YEY !!! I have an interpreter !!

Kady said...

This is a wonderful mission. I have some flannel "blankies" as my 86-year-old mother calls them. She makes them and I take them to area nursing homes. She lives in Columbus and gives me a box of blankies when I visit. I have some right now and have furnished many nursing homes. I'd like to send some to Haiti - how do I go about it?