Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What We're Working On

We've put our own projects on the backburner while Momcat is making kits and samples for her employer at Best Friends Quilt Shoppe.

She spent most of Saturday packaging kits for this colorful quilt, imaginatively named Crayons. 

When she packaged the kits she did her best to make it look similar to the crayons, folding the smaller tops into the crayon body. 

Since I NEVER get to go to the shop (even though I think I would make a wonderful quilt shop cat), Momcat took a few pictures of some of the current samples.

This is Hooterville.  Hmmm, me'd likkum some owls.

Furry Sweetness could be made even cuter if we could get rid of all those DAWGs. The humans at the shop and at recent quilt shows where all the kits ran out must disagree with me.

Another big seller has been You Must Be Croaking.  Here's a tip about the frogs' eyes.  Jan, Best Friends owner who made this sample, used a white tone-on-tone fabric and then a fabric pen to stencil the eyeballs. If you were to see the quilt up close, you'd think the fabric came that way. The subtle design of the white fabric shows through the marker and gives a really cool effect.

This is what I'll be helping Momcat sew in the next few days. It's a Yellow Brick Road (from Atkinson Designs) set on point, using the lovely romantic Nana's Garden line from Red Rooster.  This picture was taken at the shop's design wall.

When you don't have a design wall available in your studio and therefore need to move your blocks after the layout, taking a picture is a good idea.  We also make sure to label each block with a letter, number and direction using that quilter's friend; blue painters' tape.

Notice that starting in the top right corner we have A1.  The next row is B1, B2, B3.  Each row proceeds that way until we get to the final row, F1.

Here's a close-up view of the labeling.

Between the labeling and a picture record we should be able to easily sew our blocks together in the proper order.

Tomorrow it will be time to cut out all the setting triangles and corner triangles.

Hope you have time to create and also the opportunity to sit in a sunny spot for awhile,


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love your YBR. What wonderful colors!

Pat said...

I love all those quilts you showed and it's a good idea to use the painter's tape, but may I ask what you use to write on it? Will a regular pen show up on that tape?

Linda and Piwacket said...

I use a Sharpie on the painter's tape. It shows up well, doesn't bleed through and writes smoothly. Thanks for the visit!

Moneik said...

Love the crayon quilt! So super cute. The YBR looks great. I remember the first time I saw it set on point was in your shop and I thought it looked awesome in that layout.

jenclair said...

I'm such a sucker for baby quilts!

Would you mind if I posted pictures of one or two on my blog? I'd provide credit and a link.

Anyway, I love all of them, but especially the owls!