Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're Right On Point

Momcat's been working on the Yellow Brick Road sample for the shop. Today we finished the corner and setting triangles. It's looking pretty good!

Before you say anything, yes, this was taken on Manchild's bed and yes, his room is a mess.

A tip to pass along when you don't have a design wall is to be sure to take a picture of your quilt when you have it laid out the way you want. This is especially true when you're dealing with blocks that have a specific orientation and you're setting them on point.

For instance, in a previous post I showed you the design wall picture.  When I was ready to start working on the rows and triangles, I printed out a copy on regular paper.

 You can see how I simply took a fine Sharpie and marked my blocks, drew lines to represent the outside edge of the quilt, and labeled my corner and setting triangles.  (Even with this, I confess, I sewed two setting triangles the wrong way before I caught myself.)

How do you know what size to make your setting and corner triangles when you want to create an on point design?  There's a pretty easy formula, and there's a great quilt calculator, but truthfully Bonnie Hunter has done all the work for us.

Click here for a link to Bonnie's "Math for On-Point Quilts."  Be sure to visit Quiltville's other pages as well as Bonnie's blog. She's a gem!

The next step for this particular quilt is to trim the edges, put on the inside border and then an outside border. I hope to have all of it finished to show you by this weekend.


They both mysteriously disappeared from the sewing room and were discovered on top of the stove, in close proximity to one another.  And lurking nearby was none other than......

BUTCH!  You have to admit he looks pretty smug. I wonder if he had plans to demand a ransom?  Momcat foiled this caper for sure.

I think I'll Skype about it. I was going to groom, but, awww, we all know I'm always gorgeous.

Creatively yours,


Cindy said...

Your quilt looks fantastic. I've made this pattern about three times but I've never even thought about putting it on point, until now. Thanks for the great idea.

Barb said...

I love the yellow brick road pattern, it is my favorite, yours looks awesome!